I am an online entreprenuer

Affiliate Marketing

Promote different products and services online commission


I network with like minded online entreprenuers. Share ideas on how they are earning income online


I train internet marketing to a group of entrenuers from diferents parts of the world 


about working with kuda


After losing my day job I was stranded. Kuda advised me to offer what I know After losing my day job I was stranded. Kuda advised me to offer what I know as a service online. He provided the training. I was patient I went through the training on how to do online jobs. Today I work from home, have been a top rated freelancer onupwork.com. Though it didn’t make sense, in the beginning, I just did what kuda asked me to do. I appreciate the training and the guidance.


Kuda has taught me everything I know about making money online. He has been very patient with me taking the time to answer the many questions I had. He has also provided me with tools that have helped me in setting up my online business. With his guidance, I have set up a thriving affiliate marketing business. I have also setup my companyTay Consultancy, to help teach others about making money online. I have also co-founded a forex coaching company called Qefx, and websites for the two are under construction. I am eternally indebted to Kuda for his selflessness. He is a great mentor!


I have been able to launch my blog tofaraonline.com with the help of kuda. Through the knowledge, I have been able to create blog websites for some clients. When I need help I just reach out to the  Discussion group for pointers.