4 Ways to earn on deriv without placing trades

Deriv is a regulated forex broker which is commonly used with many online forex traders who wants to trade currencies, commodities and other. Besides trading forex on Deriv platform, they are other ways you can make money. In this article I am going to share four ways that you can use to make money on the Deriv platform.

1) Deriv Partnership Programme

It allows you to partner with Deriv in different ways and you can actually get a cut. The amount of money that you can actually make depends on the type of partnership you are in. The first partnership is becoming an Affiliate for Deriv. Let assume you have family and friends that wants to trade forex, and one of the thing in common is that they are going to need a broker in trading forex. What you have to do is to recommend Deriv to them and when they trade you get a commission. If you use this concept you will see commissions coming your way and you can make full time income using affiliate program. I am going to add a link below that will help you to sign as an affiliate and start recommending people. When you get a link, share it with your friends and family. Deriv has training on the best practices and guidelines you can do as an affiliate.

Create a Deriv account here:

Click here to become a deriv affiliate

How to sign up for Deriv affiliate program:



2) Deriv Payment Agent

Becoming a Deriv payment agent is one of the ways you can use to make money. You as a Deriv account holder you have to first apply to become a Deriv payment agent. Payment agents are people that are verified and trusted by Deriv to process deposits and withdrawals in any country. The Deriv agent assists clients who want to either deposit or withdraw money on the platform. The agent is allowed to put a commission on both the deposit and the withdrawal. This is best practice for people in countries that do not have a very good banking system or for those who want to do it faster without using the bank. Who can become a Deriv agent? How you can apply? They have requirements that they ask: They want reputable online current exchanges, Deriv affiliates and trusted influences/community managers who want to earn extra revenue. To apply you send an email with your name email address, contact number and other details to deriv support.


3) Deriv Developers Programme

Deriv Developers programme is another option you can use to make money on the platform besides trading. On the Deriv developers program they give you their API and then you start offering their services through their API. When you do that you get a cut of the money. Probably it is you starting your own forex broker but you will be using Deriv platform and you make money through that.

4) Deriv Dp2p

Deriv Dp2p is what is known as peer to peer (which means person to person). Let’s say we have 2 people who are both Deriv clients, one that wants to withdraw money and the other that wants to deposit money. Instead of using visa cards, bit coin and other platforms the one that has made profit will go on the Deriv Dp2p platform to look for a person available to take the money that he need to withdraw. The person who will take the money will want a deposit. The Deriv Dp2p platform will connect the 2 people together and then they can do an exchange. For more information on Dp2p click on the link below: https://youtu.be/NapSJlkVKgc



There are different ways in which you can profit without placing trades on Deriv platform. If I missed anything please leave your comment in the comment section below. I would love to hear how you are using Deriv platform to profit from besides the trading forex. Also give a thumps up and share it with your friends. And if you have any questions about how to get started with Deriv, I recommend you ask the question in the comment section below.


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