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9 ways to build brand awareness online

There are several ways to build brand awareness online and on this article I will explain some of them. I’ll give you nine methods that you can implement from today to promote your brand online. Without wasting any of your time go through them.

Optimize your social media channels

Social media optimization is one of the first things to consider if you want to build brand awareness online. On average, people spend 35 minutes of their time on Facebook on a daily basis. That’s not all, on average other people spend 25 minutes on Snapchat. This makes it ideal to target social media users.

Consider integrating your social media strategy with your whole digital marketing strategy to get maximum results. Choose a minimum of five social media channels to work on. Having too many social accounts might not work for you since each one of them needs special attention. Therefor focus on only five so that your

Create social media campaigns

Social media campaigns can spread the message faster and can be designed for a certain type of audience. If you are in business you already know which audience will be suitable for which campaign. .

For your business to prosper online, social media campaigns need to be designed, well you might choose not to. But with well-designed campaigns, your brand will gain a significant movement. Make use of social media management tools to monitor your campaigns. You will be able to monitor each and every campaign successfully that way. Target your audience based on their age, region, interest. If you need to plan your ideas milanote is a useful tool.

Create unique content for everything

Why focus on one type of content when there’s so much you can gain with multiple content? Anyway, all social networks differ and they all serve a different purpose and also consumed differently. Creating Pinterest content is different from creating Linkedin content.

Some of your content might be distributed across various networks to save time. But insure you modify it first so that it suite the audience in that network. The content should be unique in such a way that your brand stands out amongst your competitors.

Make use of influence marketing

Find an influencer in your niche to help you build brand awareness. There are many influential people in different fields, surely you can find them online. The person should understand and resonate with your brand.

Identify a person with a huge following on any platform, whether it be a blog, social media, podcasting and so on. Build a relationship with them and let them help you build your brand. Of cause they will need to be compensated for their work, Duh!. Remember it took them some time to build that following.

Use short videos

Videos can not be excluded now or ever, they are one of the best ways to do online marketing. Creating short videos will enable you to inform people about your brand. A video can be as short a 30 seconds but still send the message.

Produce those videos on a weekly bases and share them across different online advertising sites including your own blog. After some time producing this content, you will see massive results on your brand. Three months after you have been producing the short videos your brand will have a few regular followers.

Create professional images

A picture tells a thousand words, ever heard that saying? Is easy for people to remember images than actual words. Create images in your post, this includes for blog posts, social media, forums anywhere else you promote your business. If you create images including your logo or web URL people will always associate that image with your brand.

You have several options when it comes to choosing images. You can either free images but as you should know free images are used by many people, so your images won’t be unique. You can also buy images this will ensure that you get quality images or you can create one yourself or hire someone to do it for you.

There are several tools you can use to create images, if you can not use Photoshop them a website like Canva should do the job.

Blog on a regular bases

I can not leave blogging out of this. If you really want to build brand awareness in 2019 beyond you need to blog regularly. A blog helps promote all types of content and is good for SEO. If you don’t have enough time on your schedule find a freelance blogger to help you.

Include infographics on your posts

If you spend time on the internet reading blogs you might have come across a lot of infographics recently. An infographic includes a lot of graphics, images, text and more. It allows you to share content in a very unique way.

You can explain a long topic in a very short infographic and still be able to convey the message to your audience. Building your brand with infographics online will most likely work if you persist applying the method.

Use paid social advertising

I spoke about social media campaign at the beginning of this article. This is were you need to use paid social adverting. It will help you grow your brand faster in comparison to free traffic. Your ad campaigns will spread to the target audience of your choice.

When we talk about paid social advertising people often think of Facebook sponsored posts but those are not the only ones you can use. All social networks have the paid feature. Twitter for example has sponsored tweets, while you can also sponsor your ads on LinkedIn and other social networks.

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