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My name is Kudakwashe Sape Tshuma. My background is in media (Photography, Graphic Design, and Printing). My online hustle started in 2011 when I was introduced to network marketing and I thank my aunt who introduced me to the industry because I took it as a learning process and most of the strategies I use now are the lessons I learned from network marketing. I did not get the results I expected then. I went on a search for why many fail in this industry. I went on a hunt to check the people who are making most out of this industry and I realized that there were so many things that they do that I was not doing, one of them is owning a website that is just branded to them not the company.This is when I developed the love for creating websites. I tried to go to school at a local college but the teachers were too slow for me, I left the college and started looking for answers online and I discovered that there were so many avenues that I could leverage and make a lot of money online. I spoke to my friends about this and even shared some of the lessons I bought online, they too seemed not to get me. I went on the journey alone because I knew that its a matter of time this is going to change my life and other people’s lives too. I found myself reading books, watching DVDs, listening to audios attending seminars on the topics on how to make money online and wealth creation. One of the training that I attended a webinar (online meeting) had over 2000 people from different parts of the world, the trainer was talking about how to set up a 24/7 online cash system.This made me realize the potential in me and my surroundings. I simply modeled what they shared in the training. I started learning how to create websites then moved on to look for a team that I can work with. The rest is history. Fast forward life I am happy to own a number of online businesses. My aim is to share the incredible knowledge with a few selected individuals on building and expanding online presence.No one is good or bad at internet marketing its either you are trained or not. I just love the person I have become.CHANGE THE FRIENDS AROUND YOU OR CHANGE THE FRIENDS AROUND YOU!

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