Are you good with time management?

I attended one of the motivational events that took place in Harare, Zimbabwe around late 2017. I have been able to share my imaginations, ideas, knowledge beyond borders using the internet. I remember over four years ago there was something that I could imagine myself doing that is having some time to read a book or listening to audios. Until one day I came an across a little book that I read. The book helped me realize how people differ. Its a fact that a person that spends a lot of time on TV thinks differently from a person who spends more time reading.

Time Management

During the event, Arthur Marara spoke about goal setting and other staff. The message was simple short yet powerful. I then purchased all the books he was selling at the seminar. The first book that I have read it the Keys To Effective Time Management. I have great pleasure in attending such events.

The book does not leave any stone unturned I really enjoyed reading the book. OfcourseI will not be able to summarise all that is in the can check out his site

I have a collection of books and I always want to write about my experience after reading one of the books I have enjoyed reading is the Laptop Millionaire

Below are some of the lessons I learned

Lesson 1- We all have the same 24hrs in a day

We all have the same 24hours in a day, The rich the poor. At the end of the day, how productive have you been with the 24hrs. I then thought to myself Arthur must be talking about me here. Well, you this is why I love reading you will always learn something new.The books come with a number of great question that you can ask your self how you have been productive in your day.One of my favorite quote from the book on this topic is that some other people wish they had more than 24hrs.

Lesson 2- The Internet

Though I run a number of businesses online. I spend a lot of time on the internet and at the end it is profitable. When I was going through the book this made a pause for a moment and think about all the people who spend a lot of time on the internet and get nothing. I have been at a place like that some years back. I figured out how to spend time on the internet and get paid until I left my day job to focus on growing my business online. I am sure the majority of people out there spend time on social networks for nothing.

Lesson 3- A lot of people depends on us

THink about this for a moment, your family, the society, and so on. We all have people that depend on our success and our success comes from using time wisely. Each time I do work there is always a family that looks up to me who will be grateful If I am productive..

I could on on and on let me end here


If you have been reading my articles on the internet or on social networks. I think its high time you start to learn to read books. I can not explain how books have changed the way I think which has resulted in the growth of my life, business and the people around me. Now that I have finished reading the book Keys to Time Management By Arthur Marara. I have just started reading one of his books as well Personal development toolkit….I loved the time management Book

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