Bitcoins For Beginners Seminar Replay

What is bitcoin? How does one buy and sell? Is this not a scam? Will I not loss money? What is Bitcoin all about. I have not been doing event the whole of 2017. I decided to host Bitcoin for beginners event at the end of the year for two reasons. I haven’t been networking a lot I wanted some time away from home. The other reason is the new person who just heard about bitcoins. I wanted to share the experiance and knowledge that I have aquired in the past years that I have been actively invold in Bitcoins. The replay video is something that I decided to guve away for FREE though I could have sold it.YOu may also check the Bitcoin Training course review here

Before I share the recording with you there are some things you have to know, especially with making money online. Just because you want to make money online IT will not hapen yet. Making money online takes a skill, a lot of patience and the rewards are worth it. What I am is a result of so many years of reading books, going through auidos videos , metorship in the area of making moany online.


Planing the event was a bit easy this time as comapred to the events I have hosted between 2012-2016. With the use of social media it made it easy to invite people to the event. I met people that I had never seen. People that I interact with on social networks. The amazing this is that everyone had a story to share with me and that was just amazing.Thanks to all the support I got from you and my team that helped me to organise the event. My nephew made a nice gift the bitcoin tshirt I was wearing on the day.The feedback I got from the attendies was just awesome as well. Thanks.


I dont know how you heard about bitcoins, I am not sure if you got scammed in one of these bitcoin scams whatever your story is. At time life sucks.No matter how wise/dump you are one way or the other if you need to make money online you will get scammed. It happned to me many time espcially when I was getting started. There are people out there who are ready to help you, people who have walked the path before you. There is a saying that goes”The teacher appears when the student is ready” Remember what I said in the beginning, I am a result of many years of self studying what I wanted to know. All the answers are in Balck and white. Be a student always learn, take time to read books, video auidos that will change you in a great way that you can never imagine.

Bitcoins For Beginners Seminar Replay- VIDEO

In this video training I shared the basic information About Bitcoin for beginners. Enjoy


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If you are anything like me you may want to be close to people who share the same imaginations like you. I have created a bitcoin for beginners training guide. The training is packed with videos PDFs that will help you get on your feet. You will skip the past mistakes that I did. CLICK Here to find out more about the training program. I have been able to share my knowledge with people in and out oz ZImbabwe. Thanks to the internet.



See I know That what I shared in the video is not all about bitcoins the story goes on and on.There is also other currencies other than bitcoin. I am sure there are people out there who have so much to share about bitcoin please leave a comment below be it a question/ contributions. I know this will make the world a Better place.

I am looking forward to hearing your success story soon



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