Brizy Cloud Review – The Next Generation in WordPress Page Builders

Brizy Cloud Review – The Next Generation in Online Page Builders

This article is a Brizy Cloud review where we are going to look into this groundbreaking page builder. Brizy is well known for their WordPress page builder Brizy WP. At the time of writing this article, few people are aware of their groundbreaking new product Brizy Cloud.

Brizy Cloud web builder is an HTML page builder which is a standalone service and does not need WordPress to operate. To get a better understanding of what exactly Brizy Cloud is, think of page builders like Wix and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what Brizy Cloud is.

When it first came out, Brizy Cloud was a landing page builder but it has gone on to be so much more. We will talk about this some more as we continue with this article.

Brizy Cloud Web Builder

Brizy Cloud is a web-based platform that does everything that Brizy WP does but without the need for WordPress. If you have used Brizy WP page builder and you liked it then Brizy WP is just the tool for you.

Drag and HTML Page Builder

Brizy is essentially an HTML page builder where you can build a full website on the platform, host it there if you wish or export it to your own server if you choose to that. It is a drag and drop platform meaning that you don’t need to have any special coding skills in order to be able to create a stunning website.

Whether you want to create a 1-page brochure website or a bigger site, Brizy will allow you to do this easily.

Brizy Features

Brizy Cloud allows for team collaboration on projects and if you are an agency, you can manage individual client accounts all from your control panel. When you build your site on Brizy, you can choose to host it on the Brizy server or export the finished site to HTML then host it on your own servers.

If you chose to host on Brizy, you have the option of using their own subdomain meaning your URL will look something like or . You can also buy a domain that you point to the Brizy servers meaning that your site will have its own unique URL even when hosted on the Brizy servers.

Brizy Cloud

Server Synch

Brizy Cloud also has an amazing feature called Server Synch. I’ve worked with HTML sites a lot especially before WordPress came onto the scene. One of the most annoying things with HTML sites is that each time you make changes to a web page, you have to upload it to your servers each time.


If that was a concern for you when I mentioned HTML, Brizy has come up with great new innovations. You get a zip file that you upload to your server then unzip it there. This synchs your server with Brizy cloud.

When you edit your site on Brizy cloud and save, the site sitting on your servers also updates automatically. This is just next level innovation especially when it comes to HTML sites.

As part of future plans, you will be able to do team collaborations where multiple users can have access to and work on a website all at the same time and from different locations.

I will talk about integrations later but they are also planning on offering a funnel feature in the near future meaning that you will have a fully-fledged marketing toolkit all on the same platform.

Brizy Cloud comes with integrations for apps such as Zapier, GetResponse, Active Campaign, Mailchimp, Sendlane, Convert Kit and many others. All in all, it is an awesome platform that looks like it will be getting even more awesome with time.

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Why Go for Brizy Cloud?

Brizy Cloud is an all in all solution for creating landing pages and full sites. It is geared towards creating websites that convert visitors into customers and marketing funnels play a large part in this.

Besides all the integration with multiple marketing tools, the pages of an HTML site tend to load faster because it is not trying to connect to a database meaning that your users get superior loading speeds and this significantly contributes to high conversion rates.

Ability to Migrate to WordPress

Even though HTML sites are ok, they do come with their own unique set of challenges especially when you now want to add some functionality. In most cases, it means you’ll have to start building your site from scratch but that’s not the case with Brizy.

You can easily migrate your HTML template into the WordPress page builder and voila! You have a WordPress website. This is simply revolutionary and up to this point, no one else had offered this level of convenience.

Personal Template Cloud

When you create a template on Brizy WP, you can actually export this to the cloud and be able to use the exact same template on another site. This means that you can simply make a few edits and not have to do the whole thing over again.


If you want to set up a landing page or full website within a short time, Brizy Cloud is definitely worth looking into.

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