Can Affiliate Marketing Earn You Passive Income

I met myself yesterday. I had a transaction of $35 with a young man I met yesterday. He said he was very broke with nowhere to start but he just checked his account and he noticed he had a $35 commission payout. So what do I really mean when I say I met myself? When I was listening to this gentleman, I was reminded of my old self when I just getting started with my making money online journey somewhere around 2012.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

One of the ways that I used to make money online is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a concept whereby you promote a product or a service for a commission. That means each time you recommend a product or a service to someone and they buy, you get your cut.

Affiliate with Deriv (Forex Broker)

I am involved with an online Forex broker called Deriv. This forex broker has an affiliate program interlinked to it. So back to this young man whom I met yesterday. He told me that he had seen one of my YouTube videos where I was speaking about Affiliate marketing on the Deriv Platform. He then jokingly followed the steps to sign up as an affiliate as well and only managed to refer one person to the Deriv platform which ended up awarding him a surprise $35 commission. He ended up getting in touch with me so that he could cash out his commission since I am a Deriv agent as well. 

Starting My Affiliate Marketing Journey.

This really took me back to 10 years ago when I had just made my first $19.95 commission by promoting a coaching program by Mark Hoverson via my social media platforms. This coaching program was mainly about personal development, success in business, and so forth. I managed to share this affiliate link on social media and I made my first $19.95 off of it.

Have you thought of Earning Passive Income Through Affiliate Marketing

So this young gentleman made a $35 commission for only one referral, which got me to ask him this question, what if you had referred a thousand people to Deriv how much would you have made? I myself have over 700 people that I have referred to the Deriv Platform and I tell you the idea of waking up in the morning and realizing that you have made money while you were asleep is the best feeling ever.

After realizing that affiliate marketing was such a great opportunity, I then went on to enroll in an online university that taught me more about affiliate marketing and how to do it professionally. This is the exact same advice I gave to this young man, that he could be serious about it consider it a profession, and make more money from it.

If you really want to make passive income from affiliate marketing, you have to take it seriously. Let me know your thoughts below

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