Can I use Bond notes or Ecocash to buy good online?

If you need to purchase goods online line in Zimbabwe using ecocash or bond notes, this one is for you. If you leave in Zimbabwe you would agree with me that there are so many changes that take place. More and more people are moving to buy goods online. Some of the popular methods used to purchase goods online are PayPal, skrill, master card, visa cards, even bitcoin. I buy gods online now and then. let’s look at it

As much as the process seem easy to others it can be confusing to others. I remember one of my friends saying we are the BBC meaning born before computers. Anywhere let’s look at the question

Can I use Bond notes or Ecocash to buy good online?

At the time I am writing this article the answer is NO. It used to be possible some few years back. I am not sure if we will be able to do this in the future, let me explain

Can you use ecocash to buy online?

Some years back Econet had what is know as VCN ( virtual card number) with this facility you could easily request the card number to purchase what you want online, unfortunately, Econet removed that option. Meaning you cannot buy goods online using eco-cash at the time I published this article.

Can you use bond notes to buy online?

YES and NO. Depending on your bank. and your business. This answer can be given by your bank or check with another bank myself I use FBC Prepaid master card which I preload with USD CASH. Meaning I have to make a deposit first into my mastercard only will I be able to purchase online. Depositing bonds notes into most banks in Zimbabwe will not allow you to purchase goods online. Though there are selected accounts that can do that ( this depends on the type of account you have and your banker) You may check with your bank.

I hope this gives you where you can start. Most people are scared to purchase online, just because its done online they associate everything online as a scam. You may ask for assistance from a close friend.


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