Deriv Affiliate Link Tutorial: A Comprehensive Walkthrough for New Affiliates

So you’ve signed up for the Deriv affiliate program and are eager to start earning commissions. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the process of finding and optimizing your Deriv affiliate link to effectively drive traffic and maximize your affiliate earning potential.

Understanding the Deriv Affiliate Program

Before delving into the specifics of finding and optimizing your affiliate link, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of the Deriv affiliate program. The program allows affiliates to refer clients to the Deriv trading platform and earn commissions based on the trading activity of the referred clients. This means that by effectively promoting Deriv and driving traffic to the platform, you can earn commissions from the trading activities of the clients you refer.

Finding Your Deriv Affiliate Link

Deriv Affiliate dashboard

Upon logging into your affiliate account, you’ll need to navigate to the marketing section where you’ll be presented with various options, including banner images and direct links. While banners are useful for website promotion, direct links are more focused on driving traffic through referral links. By selecting direct links, you gain access to a range of options for different landing pages and promotional materials that you can use to create referral links.

Optimizing Your Referral Links

Once you’ve found the direct links, it’s essential to understand how to optimize them according to your marketing strategy. Each link corresponds to a specific landing page or promotional material. For instance, you can promote Deriv’s cryptocurrency offerings, CFD trading platform, or even encourage individuals to become sub-affiliates. By selecting the most relevant link to suit your marketing approach, you can effectively drive targeted traffic to the Deriv platform.

Refining Your Links

Deriv affiliate links refining your links

It’s important to note that you can further refine your links based on specific criteria such as language and location. By refining your links, you can ensure that the traffic you drive to Deriv is highly targeted, increasing the likelihood of conversion and commission earnings. Additionally, considering the diverse markets Deriv operates in, refining your links allows you to cater to the specific needs and preferences of potential clients.

Affiliate Link Cloaking

One advanced strategy mentioned in the video is affiliate link cloaking. This technique involves branding your affiliate link to make it appear more professional and appealing. By using a branded link that redirects to the Deriv platform, you can enhance the credibility of your promotional materials and increase click-through rates. This strategy is especially beneficial for those looking to take their affiliate marketing efforts to the next level.

Leveraging Banners for Promotion

In addition to direct links, the Deriv affiliate program also provides banner images that affiliates can use for promotional purposes. By accessing the media gallery, you can select banners in different languages and categories to suit your promotional needs. These banners can be embedded into your website by copying the JavaScript code provided, allowing you to showcase Deriv’s offerings to your website visitors and drive traffic to the platform.


In conclusion, optimizing your Deriv affiliate link is crucial for maximizing your affiliate earning potential. By understanding the various options available, refining your links, and employing advanced strategies such as link cloaking, you can effectively drive targeted traffic to Deriv and increase your commission earnings. Additionally, leveraging banner images can further enhance your promotional efforts. Remember, success as a Deriv affiliate lies in utilizing the available resources to attract and retain clients on the platform. With these strategies in place, you can take your affiliate marketing efforts to the next level and maximize your earning potential with the Deriv affiliate program.

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