facebook groups auto poster software (Video Proof)

FB Group Poster V.2

Name: Facebook Group Posterfb-groups-poster-1024x834
Website: www.seanwalters.com
Price: $49.00 One time payment & life time updates
Owners: Sean Walters (Media Clinch LLC)
Who it’s for: Online Entrepreneurs & Home based businesses


I am an online marketer and facebook is a goldmine it has millions of people.One of the tools I use to leverage time is the facebook auto poster software by Sean Walters. I started using this software in 2013 and it has allowed me to get lots of traffic to my websites and generate an unlimited amount of leads . being a member of more than 300 business facebook groups, I found it hard to manually post in those groups. I want to share my experience with the facebook auto poster software. I have saved time and money.

Here are the things I have managed to do with the facebook auto poster software

  1. Join unlimited Facebook Groups
  2. Pick Facebook groups
  3. Control the time in between joining each group
  4. Gather all of your groups to post to them
  5. Choose which facebook groups that you want to post to
  6. Post messages to unlimited Facebook Groups
  7. Spin unlimited ad copy messages being posted
  8. Spin unlimited url’s to be posted
  9. Join by search term and from a list and by the number of members
  10. Ability to gather open groups and all groups
  11. Being able to post to groups and take a break in between postings
  12. Option to post using multiple photos or a single photo
  13. Remove from open groups and all groups and by selecting the number of members in a group
  14. Move a post back to the front page of group by commenting (Post Bump Feature)
  15. Disable Notifications for open groups and closed groups by selecting the number of members
  16. Add open, closed, or all groups to a list by search term
  17. Vary the amount of time in between posting to each group to avoid bot detection
  18. Gather group member data by search term or from a list.
  19. Quick setup of software to roll out a group posting campaign

 Video- Sean Walters explains how the software works

Facebook Groups poster softwre



I have had a challenge a few times when I started using the facebook auto poster software, I emailed the support and in no time I was helped.

I don’t regret the 49.00 I invested in the s

If you have any tools that you use to save time or money please comment below .Or if you have any questions I will be glad to answer.

To your success


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