Facts every social media marketer must know

Social media marketing has changed the game in the marketing industry and is now one of the most dynamic styles of marketing today. The greatest thing about it is that businesses are able to engage directly with their customers hence why the key to success is to get as many people as possible.


In this article, I will share some of the facts about social media marketing that you probably didn’t know.


  1.       All your customers use it

Social media is where all your customers connect, therefore it is fundamental for your business to have an active online presence. However because people’s interests differ and so do customer demographics, social media marketing must be tailored to suit a business’s different target audiences.


  1.  Conquer one network at a time

Spreading your presence across many networks at once can be time consuming and ineffective. It is much better to focus on executing maximum engagement, one network at a time.


  1.       It is not as time consuming as people think it is

They key to social media management is to be organized. That way, it will only take you a few minutes per day to manage the different networks. An excellent way to plan your social media management is to plan and schedule posts ahead of time.


  1.   Your website is key to your web presence

What is at the heart of your brand identity is your website. Social media only serves to complement your website and its main purpose should be to push traffic toward your website where you fully communicate your brand identity, showcase your products and services therefore don’t neglect your website for social media pages.

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