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Free website design online course in Zimbabwe

Beginning around 2011, I paved my way into the realm of building websites for products and services I sold in Zimbabwe. This came after completing my graphic and web design courses back in 2008 at a CITMA College located in Harare, Zimbabwe. Initially, I focused entirely on my websites until I gradually started constructing sites for clients.

Interestingly enough, I still grapple with understanding why owners of small businesses in Zimbabwe often don’t own websites, despite countless searches occurring online daily.

Recognizing this gap led me to develop a crash course on building your websites. This article will explain the goals of this new course, whether you want to create a website for your business or clients.

The Current Business Landscape in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s burgeoning unemployment levels have driven many to commence buying and selling or side hustles alongside their routine work. Some of these enterprises burgeon into recognized business brands, which owes largely to the ascending use of the internet in Zimbabwe.

Having an online presence in our digital age serves as a key element for most businesses, but this doesn’t stop at merely owning a Facebook page or other social media platforms. Having a website can differentiate you from the crowd and accelerate your digital marketing efforts.

Web design in Zimbabwe

I created a course that helps businesses with website creation and provides community support. There, you can pose queries to experienced web designers and connect with other entrepreneurs.

The Importance of Having a Website

Owning a website provides several advantages:

1. Professionalism: Stand out from your competitors and provide detailed information about your enterprise to prospects.

2. Documenting information on your website saves you from having to explain your product offerings multiple times to potential customers.

3. Brand consistency is crucial: a website serves as a steadfast foundation for your business, especially during times of change. Regardless of your physical location, clients can still learn about your business updates and new offerings from your website.

More benefits are discussed within the course that you’ll access for free.

About the Course

This comprehensive course includes easy-to-follow video tutorials. Furthermore, participants gain free access to Creative21’s in-house, cloud-based website builder to shape their unique websites. Conveniently, the pre-recorded lessons are accessible 24/7. All it takes to start is a laptop and an internet connection.

How This Website Design Course Can Benefit Zimbabwean Businesses

From improving your online presence to providing effective solutions, this initiative offers numerous benefits. For entrepreneurs looking to expand online or work with programmers, this course will show you how to navigate this transition effectively. It could also be a stepping stone for aspiring web designers, connecting you with our amazing team and kick-starting your web design projects in Zimbabwe.

How to Register/Enroll

The course will be launched in 2024, accessible for free on my website. For immediate assistance, join our WhatsApp group

to connect with those facing challenges and seek real-time solutions.

Facebook group


In a nutshell, the significance of owning a website for your business is paramount. Starting this initiative could also evolve into a lucrative venture of creating websites for clients. I eagerly look forward to seeing the beautiful and simple websites that participants will create. Should any questions arise, feel free to leave a comment below.

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