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About me

I am KudaOnline

An affiliate marketer based in Zimbabwe.  You are probably on this website because your are looking for a change. Let’s face it! If you are not using the internet for profits then you are missing out. I have helped other entrepreneurs uncover the opportunities online.

Increase online profits

I have helped many entrepreneurs increase their profits online.


With many years of experience, I clearly understand the whole process of making money online from top to bottom.

Online Business

I am a founder of Kudaonline.com and also run a few small online businesses.

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Kuda Shares the best practices he uses everyday in his online entrepreneurship. From internet marketing, Online jobs, Affiliate marketing and so on. He recognizes that the main challenge start from the foundation stages. He shares practical strategies that will immediately place you in a position of uncovering endless online income opportunities.

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Online Business Ideas During Crisis

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Some Insights

If you've ever tried to make money online, I'm sure you'll agree with me that it's definitely not an easy task…You spending weeks and sometimes even months putting together a perfect idea but in the end it may flop. see the video below


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What peoples say about KudaOnline

“Kuda has an unbelievable intuition

and a special viewpoint with regards to internet marketing. He is an appealing

mentor and introduces these concepts in a new and original way”

Tofara Chokera

Digital Marketer

“Thanks for giving  the motivation and knowledge to overcome barriers

to becoming the best”

Kudaonline is a dedicated online businesses professional. His knowledge of sustainable digital solutions has helped me get started with my website and blog. He is passionate about long term income solutions and affiliate marketing.

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"Without any doubt, I guarantee you that I’ll do my best to help you grow and prosper online. Get in touch with me today and let's create your booming business together."