How to become a Deriv payment agent

Deriv is online trading platform that offers a wide selection of derivatives to trade on 24/7 basis, that
include foreign currencies, commodities, stocks and indices . Becoming a Deriv payment agent is a
partnership arrangement where a payment agent is authorized to process deposits and withdrawals for
deriv clients. I as a Deriv Agent will show you below some of the roles you are entitled to…..

Determine your commission per transaction, subject to Deriv’s established thresholds.

Promote services
Choose which countries to service, and promote your services your way.

Withdraw /Deposit

Perform multiple deposits and withdrawals per day. If a client wishes to withdraw they can withdraw
the money in to your account and you give them cash in hand for example in Zimbabwe there is zipit,
ecocash, onemoney, USD etc and same applies when the client want to deposit money into their deriv

How to apply to be a Deriv payment agent


Send Deriv an email to deriv support with the following:
 Your name, email address, and contact number
 Your website address (if you have one)
 Payment methods you will accept from clients
 The commission you will charge clients on deposits and withdrawals
Wait for Deriv to reply
They will review your application and get in touch for further information and next steps.

How do you Depost/withdraw money from Deriv account as a client?

Log in to your Deriv account and click on Cashier. Click on Withdrawal. You will receive an email asking
you to verify your withdrawal request. Follow the link that is sent to your email and it will redirect you to
the Deriv cashier.

If you want to withdraw from an agent, you need to verify with them if they have balances in their
accounts at that moment. The other thing to understand, is that when making a deposit, the agent may
charge a commission for example for a US$100 deposit, an agent may ask you to pay $105/ $110, but
above all it is based on negotiation.

NB: Deriv now has a policy of using one mode of choice for deposit and withdrawal, for example if you
use bitcoin for deposit you must as well use it for withdrawal, same applies to using an agent, visa etc
If you face any challenges in your deposit or withdrawal, you can contact the Deriv Support and they will
help you.

In my other article I elaborated how you can deposit and withdraw money without any hassles using the
Deriv Peer to Peer (dp2p) please click link here


If you are new to forex trading and haven’t opened a Deriv account please click link below to create your account.

If you have any problems, questions or contributions regarding Deriv and forex trading, please feel free
to comment below and I as an Agent of Deriv will be happy to discuss with you in the comments section.

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