How to fund Deriv account with USDT from Binance

Deriv platform offers a number of ways to deposit funds into your trading account. I’ve covered all the different methods that Deriv offers when it comes to deposits. I recently deposited USDT to my Deriv account and in this article, I will explain the steps that I performed. If you prefer to watch the video check it below , forgive my bad sound.

Step 1: Make sure you are logged in to your deriv real account.

Your account may not show the different types of cryptocurrencies. If you don’t notice any please make sure you have them activated. Find the cashier button or the deposit button

Step 2: Selecting the crypto to deposit to your deriv account

Based on the number of crypto that you have activated in your deriv account they will appear once you select the deposit crypto option.

Step 3: Getting usdt address from deriv

You will be presented with the QR code that is your USDT deposit address you can scan it if you are sending from a mobile device. If not, you can simply copy the USDT address below the QR code. Make sure you pay attention to the instructions given by deriv so that you don’t lose your funds on depositing.

Step 4:

On your Binance account, locate the dashboard and click on the withdrawal option.

Step 5:

Select the coin type, paste the UST address you had copied from deriv, and choose the network type in this example I used the tron network which was for USDT TRC20, and enter the amount you would like to send. Keep in mind that there is a charge of 1 usdt for sending. Once done, hit withdraw. You may be prompted to enter your verification step that is if you have set your binance additional security steps.

Step 6:

Check your email or whatsapp(this only works if you have connected your whatsapp number on the deriv profile page) for a confirmation of your deposit. Then check your deriv account. You can choose to trade with USDT or move your balance to USD with the internal deriv transfer. .


I hope I have covered all you needed to know about sending USDT from Binance as a way of depositing to your deriv account. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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