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How to Make Money With Social Media Marketing Service in Zimbabwe

If you’ve wondered how you can make a living offering social media marketing services in Zimbabwe then this is the article for you, so stick around.

We all use social media at one level or another. Admittedly there are people who stay off social platforms altogether but this is the exception and not the rule. Most people look at social media as a playground where people congregate to find out the latest trends or engage in the latest “beef” between their favourite influencers. 

On the other hand, billions of dollars per day are being exchanged on these platforms. These are 2 very different realities for people on social media and unfortunately, the majority of people fall in the first category.

What if I told you that you can get in on the action and make some money for yourself with this strategy that I will be sharing with you in this article? Well, you can stick around.

Why Social Media Marketing Service?

Social media is the place that people congregate and spend a lot of time on. This means that there are opportunities for businesses to get in and make some money. With the method I will be sharing here, you will be managing local businesses and helping them get more clients through paid adverts on Social Media.

The other reason is that it brings faster results than methods such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which generally takes months before any results show.

Focusing on One Niche

For this method, it is important that you focus on one niche. For Example, you could choose to do this for Harare Dentists. I know the natural inclination is to be all things to everyone. You want to deal with dentists, construction companies, physiotherapists e.t.c.

The problem with this approach is that you spread yourself too thin and will end up having very mediocre results. It’s the same reason that a specialist charges and makes more money general doctor.

“Be one thing to one person” should be your motto. The other reason you need to focus on one niche is that we will be using Facebook ads to generate leads for your clients. If you understand anything about Facebook ads, you will know that the algorithm learns over time and will get the best results possible for you when you spend time focusing on one customer demographic.

It will know who your ideal customer is and show your ads to the ideal person. It means you will get a better return on investments.

Again, you benefit from knowing what works and what doesn’t in that particular niche because you are spending a lot of time trying different things out.

Develop Necessary Skill Set

The Most Important Skill you need is being able to run Facebook Ads. You can take a paid course but there are many free YouTube videos that will teach you this skill.  The other skills you will need to master are cold prospecting and setting up operational systems.

These skills can be built by just about anyone and It won’t take you long to master. What you may need to do is practice. In order to do this, you can approach a friend or family member and tell them that you are starting a Social Media Marketing agency and would like to take them on for free. They only have to put up the advertising expense on Facebook.

You can start marketing on Facebook for as little as $1 per day. However, if you want decent results, you need to put in at least $3 to $5 per day. The higher the budget, the greater the reach of your advert.  Effectively, you are asking for $100 to $150 from them which you will use solely for the ads.

Using what you would have learned in the advertising course or tutorial, make the best effort to bring in leads for the business. Once you prove yourself, you can then sit down with the business and see if they will take you on on a monthly retainer.

The normal fees internationally to manage an ad campaign is around $700 to $1000 plus the cost of ads for that particular month. In Zimbabwe, you may not get that fee but you can agree on a reasonable management fee for the both of you.

Make sure to ask for a testimonial from them and all other subsequent clients that you achieve great results for. Use these for future marketing endeavours.

Running the Campaign

Once the above is in place, run the campaign and do the best you can to produce great results for your client. You will soon find out that there are some things you will learn along the way both good and bad.

These are all part of the growing process as long as you derive the necessary lessons from them. I hope this article has helped you out.

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  1. Goodnews Mabhena

    Simple and straight forward, thanks Kuda I’m also on that direction of growing my agency as a social media marketer.

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