If I had $1000 to invest online I would do this

After a fellow Zimbabwean lost $1000.00 USD to scammers online. She decided to get in touch with me. To check if I could verify that the website she invested in is a scam or not. I was given the link to the website. The first thing that came into my mind was a reflection of myself a few years back when I wanted to make money online. The website she gave me to check was indeed a scam investment website, that promised a return on investment.

In this article, I will explain what I would do if I had $1000.00 to invest

At the end of our conversation, she ended up saying  I wish I had asked before I invested. Chances are very high that even if she had asked me before she invested she would have not taken my advice. Here is why Remember I said earlier I got a reflection of myself. I have done a lot of online investments before. Even though I was told many times that these kinds of online investments one way or the other it will sink. I didn’t take that advice hence I also lost money online.  The same happens to many people as well.

Can online scams be avoided?

In my opinion  NO. It is an industry-wide problem. If you aspire to make money online, one way or the other you will be scammed especially when you are a just a beginner. There is no way this can be avoided. Rather take it as a learning experience.

What would I do is I had $1000.00 USD to invest online to make money.

Having learned from mistakes and with the help of others. If I had $1000.00 USD to invest online. This is what I would do. I will break down how I would use the $1k I am sure there will be some money left.

  1. Spend $120.00 USD on Personal development books

I have uncovered a lot of winning strategies, motivation and personal development from reading books. I read a new book a month on personal development and the topic of making money online. This process helps with the mindset ( A different way of thinking). If you walk into most book shops you would find books selling for not more than $10.00, so this is 1 book every month.  This brings us to a total of $120 and we have $880.00 from the $1000.00 available to invest. Let’s look at number 2


  1. Find mentors or coaching programs

A mentor to me is someone who has walked the path before me, a person who understands how a certain topic. In my case I mentor and coaching programs around the topic of making money online. Mentorship stretches for years. My personal favorite is wealthy affiliate see it here. It comes at a cost of $49.00 per month or $359.00 per year. Whenever I get stuck or need help with regards to making money online that’s the place where I ask. It is a community online people from all over the world that are making money online. Been doing this since 2015. From the $1000.00 I have, I would take 12 months (year) to learn from the program that is a cost of 359.00 Yearly discounted price. Monthly turns out to be expensive.

If there free mentorship programs?

Yes, there are plenty of places where you can get help for free at no cost. The program I recommended is what I would do. If you want to go the freeway that would work as well.

Our total is now $120 + $359.00 = $479

  1. Learn a new skill that I can monetize online.

In order to make money online, you have to offer value and in exchange for value, you get paid money. What value are you offering online? The gap between you and the money you need could be the lack of product or service that you can offer online. I always buy courses on a stacksocial this is a website with many courses that one can learn from home. You can get a course for less than $50.00 which is a one-time payment.

A good example is the photoshop design bundle which is a series of training videos that you can learn to use photoshop. I would pick any course of my choice on stacksocial, spend a year learning and practicing. Once I am good enough I can start offering the service to businesses. You could offer graphic design services and get paid to do that. There are many courses on stack social that you can choose from. See them here

Our total now is $120.00 (books) + $359.00 (Coaching) + $50.00 (Special skill course) = $529.00 in total

Why go yearly?

98% of people who needs to make money online are constantly looking for a way to make money online fast and without doing anything. It’s a matter of time before you get scammed if you are that kind of a person. If this sounds like you well, you better change the way you look at online entrepreneurship. Understand that making real online income takes time, patience and commitment. If you plan your schedule yearly this means you are taking away the mentality of making money online fast.

If I had $1000.00 to invest I would forget about the money I can make online and focus on learning how to do it properly.  The knowledge will unlock endless opportunities for you. It will pay off in the end.

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From the $1000.00 there is some money left. We have a total of $529.00. Which is a yearly investment in knowledge. These 3 tips can help to make money online forever. I have been there been scammed and all. If I had $1000.00 to invest online I would do exactly what I explained above. I know some may say it was an investment opportunity in Zimbabwe, having worked with a lot of people what they need is an online income in Zimbabwe

Do you have any experience with making money online or have you been scammed? Please leave your thoughts below

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  1. Making money online is extremely difficult.its not for everyone.one fact is that it is difficult.very very’its not a walk in the park.

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