Is Atlant Investments a scam or not?

2016-04-03_2318Turn $100 into $1000 sounds too good to be true. With so many people looking for many internet investment opportunities and to make fast money online is sad that  many end up losing money. The reason why you should read this atlant investment review is to find out if atlant investment is a good company or not. 

I got to know about atlant investments when one person spammed a link in ours whatspp group. One of my friends decided to join a few days later he then came to my office showing me payment proof that he had received from atlant investment.


According to the website “Our company has created an online instrument that allows anyone wishing to make money on his/her investments. To do that you don’t need to control deals purchasing currencies or stocks, as we do all that. The mechanism that Atlant Investments company has developed takes into account losses and fluctuations that occur during trading, and distribute profits in such a way that fixed stable profits are provided. Using this mechanism we try to do best for thousands investors, and we are planning to continue growing.”


YES atlant investments is paying out money and good money I should say I have tried their system and i have received my money in my bitcoin account in a few hours after making a request. 2016-04-03_2335


At atlant investments support is one of the things I appreciate their support system is one of the best I have ever come across the live chat respond very quickly. I tested their support both on the atlant facebook group and the live chat on the website.


I give a big NO. because of many several reasons i will mention below though I took the risk to put in money to help my friend to know if he was at a good company.

IN my video review here are some of the things that I have discovered about atlant which make it not a safe place you need to know what you are doing and timing is very important.

  1. The website says they started in 2014 yet there are no videos or internet review online which were done in year 2014 or 2015 .Do a youtube search and tell if you will find anything.
  2. I checked on the atlant investment facebook admin account I mean his personal account it does not look real. Only one image on facebook, that gave me lot of questions.
  3. The atlant investment  video testimonies on the website to me there look like paid actors and not real people.
  4. I did the video below when I was testing the system

    After a few days I did another video


    If you decide to be part of atlant investments I will give you my honest startegy and opinion. The video below is the one I did after ten days

    Join investment programs should be done with caution as many people end up being victimized. Making money online requires skills and knowledge.

    FINAL OPINION – Atlant investments is a hyip program that is going to vanish any time of the day and those that jump in first will make money. My overall rating is 2 out of ten.

If you looking to make money online you need to have the necessary skills and the only place I recommend you start from is an online university that mainly focuses on teaching people how to make money online it has been around for over ten years and it has taught thousands of people including myself to make money online CLICK HERE to read more about it.

If you have experience in online investment programs or if you have any questions please leave a comment below


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