Lessons from meeting Nick Hughes

I had a chance to meet Nick Hughes during his world tour andZimbabwe is one of the countries he visited. This article, I will share a number of life lessons I have learned from attending the breakfast Q n A session that took place in Harare Zimbabwe.

Who is Nick Hughes

He is the founder of Founders live. Founders Live is a is a community of entrepreneurs around the world who meet on a regular basis for different purposes. Though the main objective is what is known as the 99 seconds business pitch. This is where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas for 99second and the pitch is broadcasted to the members through founders live website Voting happens through the website. This process increases the chances to connect much faster. you can learn more about founders live from one of Nick’s videos on youtube

Lessons from Nick Hughes

I made sure I take the front seat when I attended the event and had a list of questions for nick which I feel he honestly answered. I always attend networking events around Harare, Zimbabwe whenever I have a chance, It is through these kinds of events that I am able to learn what others are up to. The value and life-changing stories that you hear from these networking events are just amazing.

So lest look at some lessons learned


How does one balance between a dream and day to day runnings?

Nick shared his story in how he started Founders Live. Us and downs and so on. One thing that made me wonder was the moment when he decided to focus on his dream to expand founders’ live. This was the time he had to drop almost the other side hustle he had to follow his dream. From there I have realized when you have a dream you got to work hard on it.

Stay connected stay around the fire

It is amazing how Nick was able to grow Founders live Zimbabwe via the Zimbabwean leaders whom he had not met before. They have been running Founders live Zimbabwe before he came to Zimbabwe. I can’t remember the time frame but I think it’s about a year or so. There are many companies that are looking to expand in Africa. And one has to be around the people that are discussing such topics. I am so grateful for the Zimbabwean leaders who have been working with Nick over the past years because I stand to benefit from the program just like many other entrepreneurs. This is the reason why you have to check out Founders live community website they have a lot going on there.

Did Nick enjoy his stay in Zimbabwe

Listen to the podcast they recorded during his stay in Zimbabwe


Indeed attending this seminar was time well spent. I will also attend future events and keep you posted

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