March 2021 Updates

Let’s look at what’s been happening in my world in the month of March 2021. In today’s update we are going to be looking at the following topics:

  • Crypto currency
  • MLM
  • Mentorship Classes
  • Clubhouse
  • Traffic & My Mentors Courses
  • Services Page

Let’s jump into it!

Crypto currency

Somewhere around 2016-17, I started receiving a lot of questions about Bitcoin and how it works. I went on to create a beginner’s course on Bitcoin that can be found on Internet Pro Club. Ever since that time, the conversation around Bitcoin has grown significantly.

After Bitcoin was introduced there were other innovations in the field that saw the creation of other digital currencies also known as alt coins. The universal term for digital currency is Crypto Currency.

If you want to know more about Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies, head over to and under the courses tab, you will be able to find my free Bitcoin for Beginners course that talks about Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies.


I’ve been helping one of my mentors get set up on club house. During that time, I came to realise just how much the business world is rocking about Clubhouse. If you own an iPhone then you need to check it out.

Unfortunately, it is not  available for Android at this point in time. You can only be invited by someone who is a member of Clubhouse in order for you to join. Google it to learn more about it and how it can benefit your business.


I was looking for a way to tap into an opportunity that marries the worlds of Crypto Currency and MLM.  I have set up a system at  that teaches you about benefitting from the jooinning of these two concepts.

When you go to that website, you will see my free e-book offer. When you enter your details, you will get 2 e-books per month for the next 12 months that teach you how you can also benefit from the worlds of MLM and Crypto Currencies.

On the same website, you will find a training area on the main menu bar. Here you will find free training on how you can take advantage of MLM and Crypto Currency.

Under the make money tab, you will find the “Our Portfolio” section. Here we show you how we are making money in the Crypto Currency world. These are paid products and before you sign up for any of these, take the time to read our earnings disclaimer.

The main reason for this page is to show you the programs that we are actively involved in.

Mentorship Classes

I’ve kicked off my online mentorship program with my April class. The class runs for 12 weeks and the next class is going to be in May. If you want to be a part of the next class, make sure to sign up at

In this class, I teach all you all you need to know to work from home and start making money online.  From basic level to advanced, we cover everything in this online program.


I’ve added a Services page on Internet Pro Club. This is basically a page where I list the people that I have personally worked with who offer different services. Click on the services tab in the main menu to see the different service providers.

Website Traffic Strategies

Still on Internet Pro Club, we have added a section called Website Traffic Strategies. To run a successful web based business, you need traffic. This is a free course for our members that teaches you how to dive traffic to your website and other online offers.

Mentors Notes

I started my  online journey back in 2012 and what I can tell you is that my success has heavily relied on mentors. I have created a page on Internet Pro Club where I post the material and other resources my mentors passed on to me in order for me to grow.

In other words, you can get teaching from the people that taught me. Isn’t that an amazing opportunity!?

Classifieds Section

We’ve also added a Classifieds section on Internet Pro Club and this is a section where our members can post their ads to promote products and services. This is strictly for our members and going forward, we will be seeing different ads in there.

That’s it for my April update. I hope to hear from you about what you’ve been up to. Until next time, have a great month!

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