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  1. Hi Kuda, Im Enock. i am Talented in typing, (I type fast like crazy) are ther any Websites you can recommend me where I can type and make some cash?, Thanks in advance

    1. Hi, Enock, I recommend you look at this interview by clicking here of a friend who does writing online after listening to the interview you can get in touch with her. There is a lot of websites that you can use for your typing services. Though typing has low demand many people do that it may take a long time to break through. For my friend that I spoke about it was a long time but the rewards are so great.

      All the best let me know if you have any questions.

      To your success

    1. Hi, Chriswell thanks for connecting. SO yes We always give the softcopies some of the seminar recordings are shared privately and others are available to the public The last seminar that we had on affiliate marketing you can find it by clicking here

      Let me know if you have any questions

    1. Hi Vimbai Thanks for reaching out. Yes it’s possible to do that. The person in Zimbabwe should open a Paypal Account and pre-fund their PayPal account with USD dollars , and alert the bank that the money is suppose to be used on PayPal. They may have to check with their bank if they facilitate online payment methods. My self I use prepaid master from fbc bank. They have this card that works with what you need to do.

      Let me know if you have any questions


  2. hey Kuda thank you for all the help i wanted to know if i can now receive money with my pay pal account. thank you in advance

    1. Hi Tafadzwa, At the time I am writting this article its not posible to receive money in Zimbabwe Via Paypal. However you can still send money via Paypal, like paying for goods online and so on. Thi sis what others have been doing If they know they want to receive money via paypal they ask for help from a relative or friend out of Zimbabwe to Receive paypal on thier behalf and they send money to Zimbabwe via other means like western union , world remit and so on.

      Hope this helps


    1. Hi, Lucia Thanks for getting in Touch. I am hosting a seminar about this topic on doing online jobs in Zimbabwe. I have invited Lutrish Who is an expert at doing online jobs. You can check her website here But the best is to attend our Seminar. You will have a chance to ask questions and learn more as well..


    1. Hi Takudzwa, I have not used the ATM in a while. I am sure its there. you can visit Batanai garden first floor. Ask for a company called Golix. Youu can also check my bitcoin training for beginners by clicking here

      If you have any questions please reply below I am happy to help


  3. How are you Simba
    For the past 2yrs i have been trying to start my own bussiness,but i cant find the project or deal that can sustain my life .At first i started a broiler project but it failed bcause i couldnt find bulk buyers,then i started a gas project then it failed also bcause of day to day changing prices and lack of a proper market.

    Dear brother how can you help me start a profitable business.i am ready to raise the nesecary startup capital.

    Thank you in advance

    1. Hi, Simba thanks for reaching out.

      You are running an offline business which needs connections and the right-minded people around you. Myself I specialize in online businesses mostly but I also look and learn how others are running their offline businesses.
      I highly recommend that you attend business seminars everytime you get a chance. There are plenty of business seminars that happen in every city. Myself I attend at least 4 business events a month. This has helped me to stay motivated and know what others are doing and what the challenges they are facing and how they overcome them.

      There are many free business events. I am based in Zimbabwe and one place that has been of great help is THRIVE VFB check their facebook page here, Ask them to add you to their WhatsApp group as well. There are great young entrepreneurs who are always uplifting others. At their seminar, I have met local and international business people and they always share valuable nuggets I always attend their seminars if I am around.

      Hope this helps please leave a comment below

      1. thank you for your advices.
        as you were answering my question you mentioned online business,i would like to ask that,is a person like me with only 5 a level points in cormecial subjects and nothing else capable of doing online business?

        1. You did well, Weldone.
          My self I only went up to O’ Level. There are so many things that you can do online. Here is a good start. Download this ebook here with 100 online business ideas click here . from there you will be able to see that you have a lot that you can do.

          1. Thank you from today im now reading the e book you have given me.i hope it will be my stepping stone to success.

          2. Goodday sir.i think i am progressing in finding an online job.i applied and i was selected but now they are asking me to send $100 on skrill so that they can make a workstation for it okay please help me

          3. Hi simba thanks for making a step to finding your place online by doing online jobs … we had a seminar in Zimbabwe about doing online jobs and that issue was addressed.

            U may want to watch the replay of the seminar

            That link above is for a off and it has the link to the recording .

            In my opinion don’t send the money most online jobs don’t require you to make payment upfront..

  4. Nice to see you Mr kuda
    I am Yohei.
    It Might Sounds like Crazy Question, But It Is Nice If You could Answer My Question. i would be very Appreciated.
    Here is my question, is there any way i can buy bitcoin of 1 to 10 Million USD in Zimbabwe by cash or bank Transferring(not over sea Transferring)?
    I see PtoP but transation is quite small, and i also see any exchange nolonger accept fiat trading in Zimbabwe .
    Thanks a lot

    1. HI Thanks for getting in touch buying bitcoin in Zimbabwe is not as easy as other countries. CLICK HERE That is one website that you can buy bitcoins from with easy. Hope this helps let me know if you have any other questions.


  5. Silusweyinkosi Mhlanga

    Where can I buy Skrill in Zimbabwe using USD hard cash or EcoCash, Favourable rates? Peers don’t seem to have it, must be because a lot of them are on holiday

    1. Hi how are you . You can check with your bank .Some people use steward bank visa card. Check if your bank offers visa card..

      I could have added you in our whatsapp group but at the moment it is full.

      The group has forex and binary traders mostly.

      If u can send me your contact here to my email I will add u once there is a spot in the group

  6. Ngonidzashe Manzwangani

    Hi kuda
    I am an associate to Amazon and Wealthy Affiliate, the problem is I cannot receive commissions through PayPal
    I over heard you advising on using a friend who is outside to receive those money for me
    My question is ” do my friend use his credit card details and his paypal details?”
    Is there no where he will need my details in the process?
    Please help.

    1. Hi Ngonidzashe, I am happy to hear that you are making commissions from wealthy affiliate. Weldone I have been a member since 2015.

      So to withdraw your money you just need your friend’s details. There is no need for them needing your details. Once they receive your money they can send to you via other means.

      Let me know if you have any question

      1. Ngonidzashe Manzwangani

        Ok I see, so meaning whenever I am asked about my PayPal and credit card details I will have to fill details of my friend who is outside, isn’t it?

    1. HI Peter Thanks for leaving a question. I have been using To promote both binary and affiliate marketing and its been great they pay in time no delays and great support as well . I even sometimes jump on skype with the affiliate marketing team. YOu can also learn about affiliate marketing from one of my blog posts here

      If you have any questions I am happy to help

    1. Hi How are you yes you can do that but you will need a webiste to do that. Depending were you are IF you are Zimbabwe I recomend this one click here there you can receive even using ecocash as well . If you are not in ZImbawe and what to use something international use this one CLICK HERE I have been using both of these my self

    1. Hi thanks for getting in touch. You need to work around getting the private key to get that to work .That normally happens when you import a bitcoin address to your new wallet. But in order to spend or send you need to connect private keys with the old wallet … I think I covered about private keys in my bitcoin for beginners course

      If it’s not there your can find some resources on YouTube or contact blockchain support


    1. Hi Patrick thanks for getting in touch. It means your account is not verified . Your need to verify your PayPal account.the process involved adding your bank account or connecting your visa or master card to PayPal then they will increase your limit. On PayPal website knowledge base read about PayPal limits you will understand better.

      Kind Regards

  7. Ngonidzashe Manzwangani

    Hi Kuda, once asked you about using someone’s PayPal account, in the neighbouring country so as to receive Payments from outside.

    My question now is, is it possible for someone like in SA, open a PayPal account without first acquiring a master card?
    My brother want to apply for a master card in SA, so that he can link it to the PayPal account But there are some complications and I just thought if its possible to open a PayPal account without it.

    Will it be possible for him to send me the money without connecting it to his bank?

    I will reall appreciate your help


    1. Hi Ngoni, SO yes you can open a PayPal account and use it without connecting your bank card but you will be limited to only 250 per month. But the best is to get in touch with paypal support and tell them the challenges that you are facing. Paypal policy and terms change now and then. Have you contacted them yet? If not please do.

      Let me know if you have any questions

      Kind Regards

  8. I am teacher living in South Africa and has been difficult to get a more secure job. Applying online teaching they don’t want Zimbabweans. I wish to establish my own online teaching entity, but have no idea how to go about it. A friend sent me some of your tutorials and I also read testimonials from online teachers you have groomed.
    What do I need, in terms of resources I know a computer and internet. How do I get clients? I just need to be shown/helped with all the nitty-gritties on it all because I am totally clueless.
    I know teaching only. I would appreciate greatly to learn from you. The other thing I live in South Africa and can’t attend seminars, but wish to.

    1. HI, Thanks Getrude for getting in touch. YOu have asked your question in a great way it says all you need . Let me break the answers for you so that you understand what to do.

      1. Refusing Zimbabweans, The first thing you can do is to try other webistes that accepts Zimbabweans.

      2. IF you need to establish your online teaching entity yes that is doable. I have been able to establish a number of online teaching courses. On that one you need hands on person to guide through the process. SO it starts from creating a membership website and adding content and so on. The process is simple but you may need help. I can assist with that This service comes with a charge for consultation and guidance.

      3. I am not sure if you have also gone through this interview please take a look at it and get back to me .

      4. Yes you need quite a lot if you are tottaly clueless. You just need to be guided on how to do what you need to do . There are so many people that were able to establish something from what they are doing. That is what I teach.

      5. Yes its always good to monetixe what you are doing already and teaching is one of the methods that one can use to generate residual income.

      6. As for the seminars we have some recording that will always be available but there are only available for a limited time frame if you sign up to attended the team will always send you the recordings .

      7. Yes I am available to assist. We have a six months coaching program to help you establish what you need to do. Its not that hard , but it needs commitment and the rewards are huge.

      8. I can help you while you are in SOuth Africa I have helped quite a lot of people from different countries .

      Let me know if you uhave any questions


      1. Thank you Kuda for timeous reply.
        Firstly I am not aware of websites that accept Zimbabweans, I would like join them whilst I am learning to set up myself.
        Secondly for a paid tutorial I won’t hasitate to pay because I need to achieve this. I don’t give up easily no matter what cost.
        Thank you once again, I will sign up to receive seminars/tutorials that take place.
        Salute Mentor.

      2. I listened to the interview with Tafadzwa. It is very informative and encouraging. My problem now is accessing the sites that considers Zimbabweans.
        However I would need some coaching since its something new for me.
        I tried to contact Tafadzwa through her email, she hasn’t responded but I am hopeful she will find time for me. I understand she is a busy person. I am a patient and very optimistic.
        In the mean time I just need some heads up while I wait for month-end to make my payments for a one on-one-coaching

        1. Hi Tafadzwa recently wedded and I think she is still on go at moon. I will also follow up on her on this case. Yes I like working with patient people.

          I look forward to be working with you. There is a lot more people like tafadzwa that are on our inner circle once u start the mentorship program I will introduce you to them they are doing a lot of different things .

          Kind regards

    1. Hi TInashe, Thanks for getting in touch. I have a friend who used to do that but you are read this post here if you need to get started with forex CLICK HERE or if you are a complete new person to forex please read this CLICK HERE

      Let me know if you have any questions


  9. Kuda im currently located in cyprus and im moving to zim need to invest in forex ….so my Question is wc is the best alternative way to deposit to your broker and which bank in Zimbabwe allows bank tranfer

    1. Hi, how are you thanks for getting in touch.
      Most banks that have visa card allows that Some. You can check with Barclays bank or Steward bank and do a test payment. Another alternative is using bitcoin, It far much easier than the bank method you just have to check if your broker accepts bitcoin. If you are new to bitcoins check out my bitcoin for beginners training here . I wrote an article about this as well you can read it here

      Let me know if you have any other questions


  10. which is the best broker to use for forex
    and is it possible to get a South Africa visa card since there is cash crisis in Zimbababwe for non Resident

    1. there are many brokers to choose from I personally use I love this one because it accepts bitcoin and skrill as a mode of payment and they have great support and many other tools. Another one I use is called hotforex I have been using this one as well. Both of these brokers are used in southern part of africa mostly.

      As for opening a non-res account, I have not done that so I wouldn’t know. I use bitcoins mostly


    1. Hi Givemore I haven’t seen anyone doing this from Zimbabwe . It’s one area I have not ventured into I have gone through a number of lessons about shopify . I remember I had a discussion with a friend who wanted to do that they had issues with payment method. But I think it’s an area that is a gold mine if done from Zimbabwe. Hope u will be one of the people to venture into it and keep me posted..

      Let me know if u have any other questions


  11. hie kuda am interested in doing online jobs and i have access to internet i wish to earn extra income what are the best jobs i a can do in zimbabwe

    1. Hi, how are you Winnie Thanks for getting in touch. with regards to online income, there are different methods I mean a lot of ways. Based on your question looks like you are getting started with making money online or wanting to make money online. Here is what I can say for now.
      1. I recently did a seminar about online jobs we have a recording that you can watch here there you will find a video that has the training. I have worked with a lot of people who are doing a number of things online. So, in this case, look at point 2

      2. When getting started there is a lot of confusion that people face. The discovery part takes time and needs a lot of guidance and mentorship. You may try a number of things before you find your place to earn online. Hence we have a group of people that I am helping that are just getting started and to know more about this group of people visit

      So if you are not sure of what you need to do please look you may need to consider option 2 you will have direct access to work with me and my team.

      Let me know if you have any questions


  12. Hello Kuda
    My name is Tshifhiwa. I am South African. I am a business woman who is the making of cosmetics, that include soaps, foam baths, detergents,hand and body lotions. However my cliental base and market is very small. I would like to get to broaden it .
    I got your reference from a a friend and I hope you can help me build my empire.

  13. Hie Kuda…. I want to make money online because I’ve tried offline and it’s been tough in this economy… so which way would you best recommend that you’re sure will guarantee me an income and a faster breakthrough

    1. Hi how are u . In order to make money online you need to learn how to make money online the faster you learn the quicker you make money.

      There are different methods of making money online I cannot not choose to say this one is better than the other it depends with people.

      You can download and read this ebook it will help you to do that .

  14. Hie kuda I am dolly parker.I was going through verification process on my skrill account its failing to complete on the 3rd stage
    Its saying We could not match your current location to your registered address. Please try again when you are at your registered address.
    The second option needs adress document but I dont have the document with with my name on it.please help.

  15. hello kuda
    I am interested in online work. do you have any recommendations you can give me. my day job doesnt allow me to get out of the office much so i cant go out but i want to earn money whilst i am in my office .

    1. Hi, Rhoda Thanks so much for dropping a message.
      Yes you can earn online based on what you asked
      I hosted a seminar on that topic and you can find the seminar on the link below
      little known secrets about online jobs
      there you will learn about online jobs.

      But the best option there is a lot of methods for making money online. You can set up a
      strategy call with me for about 30 minutes and will explain the available options.
      The strategy call will help which path to take.

      Let me know if you can take the call. It is an online call. I will give you the next step you need to do to set up the call

      Kind reagrds

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