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There are two ways to grow your network marketing business. You can either prospect or you attract people to your business. A few years back I joined network marketing. In this article, I will explain some of the experiences I have come across. I have just completed a video training on how you can grow your network marketing business faster Before I explain what I need to explain let me share one of the ways that people use. its called


This is the method used by many people, this is where by you go out and hunt for people who need to join your MLM / network marketing business. This is not a wrong method to use but the conversions are a bit low when you used the other method which I call attraction marketing. You become the hunted not the hunter. Imaging what it feels like people flooding your WhatsApp, facebook wanting to take part in your business.

Attraction Marketing for Network Marketing

In the book written by Wandi Goliath, One of the successful network marketers in South Africa. Wandi shares a number of ways to grow network marketing, The part I loved was when he spoke about using many methods to grow your business. Though my methods are a bit technical guess I have to share them. Attraction marketing is done in many ways but the main goal is to present your self in a way that people come to you not you going after people. Thanks to the internet we can leverage the internet to do just that.

Success in 3 months in Network Marketing

I attended a seminar In South Africa it was about network marketing. There I met someone who later became my teacher and mentor. I asked them what has made them so much success in a short space of time ( the person became the top person in less than 3 months).

Here are the few things they shared

  1. Brand your self
  2. Start a blog site ( this inspired me to launch the website you are reading this post now)
  3. Stay in the loop even if no seems to pay attention
  4. Keep creating content

My wow moment came when my blog started to bring me referrals and downlines.

I could go on and on but I have taken some time to do a video training on how to use one of the available methods to do attraction marketing and promote MLM / network marketing online. The training covers some of the critical areas you need to work on in order to set yourself up for success with promoting MLM online

CLICK HERE to watch the video training

I explain things better in a video. Looking forward to hearing your feedback soon



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