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Let’s talk about online presents a bit.I have a free gift for your which I will charge in the next few days, keep reading¬† A few years back when I was starting the online entrepreneurship journey, Just like anyone else who is trying to make money online. I met a few individuals that I admired, most of them had websites as they ran their online business. Each time I would ask them a question they would refer me back to their website. This did not make any sense in the beginning, I could see as that their sites had almost similar features. Like freebie to download in exchange for an email, opt-in forms, adverts, articles and so on.

How I got Started with Website Creation

I got to a conclusion that in order to make money online you must own a website ( at least a personal blog) mine is kudaonline. Kudaonline.com was created with inspiration of these leaders. As I add more content on my website I realized that I was getting better every day I worked on my website, I started getting lots of views to my site, A whole lot of people looked for me on social networks wanting to know what I am up to or partnerships.

A few years later I get a lot of people asking the same question I asked my self back that ” how do I make money online”¬† well in order to make money online you must own a website like I said earlier. Creating a website is not difficult after all.


Having gone through the struggle myself. I have created a series of videos on how one can create and manage their own website. If you are a small business owner who needs to grow their brand online this training if for you. If you are a college student who needs to make extra income by creating simple site this is for you, If you are maybe a curious person like me who always wants to learn something new then this is for you.

This training course is aimed at equipping others on the possible income that can be generated from website creation.

I am not sure if you are one of the lucky ones. Depending on the time you are reading my article. I have opened up the training course on how to CREATE YOUR OWN WEBSITE FOR FREE. But still, if it’s going to be paid it’s not going to be that much money.

Creative 21 Website Design Course

Creative21 www.creativetwentyone.com is an online training course that can help you to launch your website in no time. The training course is filled with easy to follow training videos to help you put your business online ( or whatever your purpose). This can be the great niche for people who need to make money online in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and other countries. Check out the promo video below

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