Unlocking Passive Income: Exploring the Deriv Affiliate Program and Online Trading

A friend of mine recently reached out to catch up and asked about my income. I took the opportunity to discuss one of my income sources, which is the deriv affiliate program. I have frequently shared information about this program through my YouTube channel and blogs. In this piece, I will explain the same details I shared with my friend.

Imagine this scenario: You have a local supermarket that offers incentives every time you refer someone to purchase bread from them. For each referral, you receive a small commission from the money they spend on bread. Let’s say you refer Person 1, who buys a loaf of bread every day. This means you earn incentives every single day. Now, imagine if you invite your other neighbor, who buys four loaves of bread daily. Your incentives significantly increase. What if you were to invite the entire neighborhood to buy bread from this supermarket? The income possibilities become substantial.

What I’ve explained to you is called affiliate marketing. I became an affiliate marketer in 2014 through learning from a platform called Wealth Affiliate.  While there are many resources available to learn about affiliate marketing, I chose the paid route.

Taking the example of the bread referral, paired with my knowledge in affiliate marketing, A friend of mine told me about a website called Deriv in late 2015. Deriv serves as an online trading provider, offering daily online currency trading. Just like people buy bread every day, there are active forex traders who engage in daily buying and selling of currencies in the online forex market. These traders are constantly seeking reliable platforms for their trades. You may have already heard of forex trading through a friend or online. While there are forex scams, it doesn’t negate the existence of the industry. Deriv is a reputable trading platform. You can compare it to approaching the supermarket to bring them more customers to buy bread. In this case, you are referring new traders to the Deriv platform. However, whether you choose to trade on the platform is entirely up to you.

At some point, I wrote an article about my experience with the Deriv affiliate program when I was earning around $5.00 per day, which equates to approximately $150 per month. You can read about it here

As time went on, I reinvested the money I earned from the affiliate program into paid advertising, which significantly increased my income to $1,000 per month. I even wrote an article documenting my achievements, which you can find here

I have surpassed the $1,000 mark and continue to leverage the internet to expand my client base for the platform. Thanks to my online efforts, I have successfully referred over 2,000 people to use Deriv. With each new referral, I earn lifetime commissions, meaning I receive ongoing affiliate commissions for the trading activities of referred clients.

A few years later, the Deriv team and their representatives visited Zimbabwe. I had the incredible opportunity to meet them and enjoy breakfast at Rainbow Towers, one of Harare’s prestigious 5-star hotels in the heart of the city (Harare, Zimbabwe). During their visit, they also extended an invitation to me to attend one of their African events in Rwanda, with all expenses covered. Unfortunately, I couldn’t accept the invitation as I had already planned a trip to the UK around the same time. However, I was able to connect with like-minded individuals from various countries who are also members of the Deriv platform. Together, we formed a WhatsApp group where we share progress, insights, and different strategies for promoting Deriv. Some members utilize SEO techniques, online events, live events, webinars, and more to maximize their affiliate commissions.

This journey has taught me a valuable lesson about making money. Many people view income as a result of traditional work, where you put in hours and receive payment in return. However, I want to emphasize that thanks to the internet, there are numerous systems and platforms like Deriv that allow you to generate income passively. By leveraging the power of the internet, you can create a source of income that works hard for you even when you’re not actively working.

After our discussion, my friend expressed interest in learning more about the deriv affiliate program. I informed her that I had conducted a webinar on this topic, which is available on my YouTube channel. I shared the webinar with her so she could gain a deeper understanding of how the program works and how to get started.

I do want to highlight that while I have achieved success with the Deriv platform, it’s important to note that individual results may vary. There is no guaranteed income, and the amount you earn depends on your strategies, efforts, and the actions of the clients you refer. Making money also relies on your ability to effectively promote your referral link, which serves as your affiliate link for the Deriv platform. The more active traders you refer, the higher your commission payouts and the potential for a growing income stream.

In addition to the Deriv affiliate program, I have started an “Ask Kuda” platform where you can ask me any questions you have. I encourage you to take advantage of this platform as I will be devoting more time to answering your queries and providing further assistance.

To conclude, the Deriv affiliate program has allowed me to generate a steady income by referring active traders and earning lifetime commissions. With the right strategies and efforts in place, you can build a successful client base and increase your commission payouts. Remember, there is no limit to the potential income you can earn through affiliate marketing, especially when partnering with reputable platforms like Deriv.

If you have any further questions or would like more information, please feel free to utilize the Ask Kuda platform.

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  1. Interesting insights about the Deriv affiliate program and its potential for generating passive income. It’s great to hear about your success and the strategies you’ve used to build a successful client base. I’m curious, what are some of the most effective promotional strategies you’ve found for maximizing commissions? 🤔

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