Video:Steps to exchange amazon gift card for cash in Zimbabwe

This article explains the steps I took to get cash from an Amazon gift card that I received while in Zimbabwe. I have received a number of Amazon gift cards a lot of times. Due to challenges in Zimbabwe, I wasn’t be able to get cash for the amazon cards until I came across a website that helped me. Let’s get into the process.

What is an Amazon gift card?

Most of us have heard of the Amazon website where you can buy goods online. On the website there are various methods of making payments that include PayPal, Visa, Mastercard just to mention a few.

How I get Amazon Gift Cards in Zimbabwe?

There are many ways to get amazon gift cards. Personally, I use a few software to run my online business. Some of the software creators offer amazon gift cards to their customers. As a customer, I also get some.

Another method is by completing some online tasks and get rewarded with Amazon gift cards.

Why I prefer cash than Amazon gift cards.

As I mentioned earlier, you can use the gift card as a payment method on Amazon.  My first experience with Amazon gift cards on the amazon site was when I wanted to use the card to buy a book and have it delivered in Zimbabwe. Finding out that amazon does not ship to Zimbabwe was a bit disappointing. I ended up buying ebooks on amazon. Had to keep my ear to the ground to see if there is another way to at least get cash for the card.

What if I could find someone who needs the Amazon gift card and in exchange I get cash? That would be great. This is what Airtm does.


What is Airtm?

Airtm does a number of things and I would need to write another article about it. You can learn more about airtm here. Airtm is a peer to peer exchange platform. This means it’s a place where people meet to exchange currencies. If I have an amazon gift card I can use airtm website to match me with someone who needs it and in exchange, they give me cash. Airtm is very popular in Venezuela  read this article to learn how airtm has been a solution to hyper inflation in Venezuela.

If you have PayPal and you need money on Skrill, If you have bitcoin and you need money on neteller and so on. Those that are familiar with online payments in Zimbabwe understand what I mean.

The process of getting cash with an Amazon gift card.

Video demonstration



First step: I signed up my account on Airtm, I did the verification process. Uploaded proof of residence, uploaded my ID and so on. Waited for the verification process to be complete. It took less than 24hours.

Second Step: Made an offer that I have an amazon gift card. I remember the first time I did this, it was a 20 dollars amazon gift card. I offered it for $18.00, Within a few minutes I was matched. My airtm was credited with AirUSD which is the currency on Airtm website.


Third Step: Used my Airtm balance to buy bitcoin. I wanted bitcoin instead as I use it more often.

Mission complete: done deal


This is the process. I have been using Airtm a number of times. You can also explore this website to see the other offers it has.

What are your thoughts I would like to hear from you and your experience about amazon gift cards and how you have been using them in Zimbabwe?

Please leave your thoughts below.

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