What is replug and how does it work?

You Wouldn’t Believe What Happens When You Use Replug

Did you know you can get a traffic boost and leads from your links.

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Replug is a tool to make your work easy, it shortens your links, tracks and optimizes them through catchy call-ups, pixels, custom fields, and powerful analytical techniques.

What is replug?

Replug is an all-in-one URL shortening link management tool that adds retargeting pixels, integrates call-to-actions, and creates bio-links in social media.

Want more traffic, more management, and more sales with Replug?

Content Curation is one of the world’s popular practices for marketers like you.

And you agree that we all like to share good content from other people who surf the web. But have you ever wondered what you get in return?

Yes, or yes, you guessed correctly… You get NOTHING in return!

Except for sending to other websites a ton of free traffic and readers.

Imagine if you had the chance to advertise your brand and send it to your website or turn your visitors into buyers of your products or services.

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How Replug Works?


  • Create branded links with your personalized domain

As you share more content, your brand will become more well known and appreciated. Increase your brand’s visibility and confidence by creating short connections with your own custom domain. In addition, emails and higher CTR delivery and social media coverage are improved as well as increased exposure.

  • Retarget Anyone Who Clicks On Your Links

Automatically create custom publics on various ad networks and convert anyone who has viewed your content (especially third-party content).Enhance conversions with highly targeted retargeting campaigns based on your audience’s links.

  • Add Call-To-Actions To Every Link You Share

On every link shared between third parties, you can add a widget to promote your product or service.

  • Create Beautiful Bio Landing Pages

Use these easy to use blocks and customized layouts to link to your service, product, videos, other social media networks and more. Drive traffic through a beautiful website from your social media bio links to all of your useful and always-up-to-date links.

  • Performance Measurement Of Any Link With Detailed Analytics

Track your visitors’ links, conversation rates, reference sources, locations and devices easily. Analyze various metrics and see what results you only want to invest in the right way.

Remember you can get the link to any website that you want the audience to share. This means you can share a new shortened social media connection, email and other means. 

You able to measure your progress with the platform’s visitors, clicks and conversions. Share more links, followers and leads to get more traffic. 

By embedding a branded call for action into any link that you share online, you can promote your product, service, event or anything. Replug allows you to drive traffic to your site or collect your own branded message by adding your own web page as a link.

Replug Features

  1. URL Shortener

Replug is a tool for analyzing and creating custom shorter URLs. Shortens complex and unattractive URLs to strong and recognizable short connections. Build your brands by sharing clean social media links and emails with Replug’s built-in search engine.

  1. URL Shortener

To create a brand 360-degree marketing package in one single link, create exquisite Bio-links. Connect up to 5 social profiles, 10 links, and the first five RSS feed URLs. Share your conversion rate on social media using the information-packed branded link.

  1. Link Analytics

Make informed decisions about your brand’s digital strategy after analyzing 10+ data points. Track your content’s engagement matrices. Analyze KPIs such as clicks, conversions, country visitors, source visitors, etc.

  1. Custom Domain

To instill brand authority and recognition, replace PRLG.co with the custom domain name. Ensure your name appears in the right position by inserting it into each link you share. Create the reputation of your brand through branded connections.

For more details kindly check this website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the clicked counted on Replug

You can get 1000 clicks if you share a plug-in link on Facebook and 1000 people click there to view your shared content.

How can I automate my content on Replug

The Replug Widget is an easy-to-use tool to help you find content that is relevant and attractive to your niche/industry. You can use our integration with ContentStudio to automate the entire process of finding content for your niche or industry.

For more on Replug FAQs click website.

Replug Pricing

The pricing for Replug starts at $19 Replug has 3 different plans:

  • Basic at $19.00 per month.
  • Professional at $49.00 per month.
  • Agency at $79.00 per month.


Remember the power is in the platform, Replug affords you to shortern, track and optimize connections, retrieval pixels, branded links, and powerful analyses with attractive call-to-actions. What are you going yo do next?

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