7 key things you need on your personal website


There are different kinds of websites, I want to share about personal sites.Here are some key things that are a must-have on your personal website.

1.Personal Branding: The website must be branded to you, not your company. People follow people. I have had this experience working on graphics for clients, to this day I have clients that follow me, moving from one office to another still at the end they would come to me. If you are promoting say MLM/Network Marketing before someone buys into your company do you know what they do “they go and ask Google” and guess what, there can be a lot of negativity about your primary company? Personally, I would rather have a personal branded site than a company branded site.

2. Opt In Box : This is the email box that visitors submit their name and email and you should create a reason why people should give you a name and email. There are so many offers that you can give, personally, I ask for a name and phone number in exchange of a downloadable product (audio , video or e-book). Have you ever heard that the money is in the list? Building your list via opt in box will allow you to reach to your clients when you have promotions, events etc. It would be great to put opt in box on every page of the site.

3.Blog Posts: One of these good days I went to a live event in South Africa and the trainer said something that I will never forget, he said: “Facts tell, Stories sell”. This simply means that the more stories you make the more visitors.Blogging is a powerful tool that always brings back people to your website checking for more (People love stories more than facts). On your blog posts talk about your life experiences, lessons that you would have learned. Don’t complicate things, someone somewhere around the world is waiting to read your blog posts. Just be real with your blog posts.

4. Social media icons: This allows visitors on your website to share posts and articles on your site. This will drive traffic to your website

5.Testimonials: Have a section where there are testimonies about you or your services. Testimonies could be in form of text, video or a snapshot of a comment from social media.This gives credit to the new visitors to your website

6. Banner Image: This should be a picture of you, how you can help people and in brief what your website is all about, two or three lines. Refer to point number one for more about banner image.

7. Share your library:  If you are a reader and a leader like me and love reading. Have a page/section on your site of books from your library that you can give away. I have bought books online that have giveaway rights ( this is when the writer gives you the permission to sell the book and keep 100% commission or I can as well give it away for free)

Bonus: People need to be informed, educated, helped, trained, inspired etc if you set up your site that way you will have more visitors and this increases your chances of selling your services/ products to the world

This is not the best article you can get but  I am sure this information can help someone, somewhere in the world. If this is not for you no worries

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