How to online work in Zimbabwe

KUdaonlne wok onlineIf you are reading this post you may be having some of these questions. How can I earn money on internet? How do I get online job? How can I earn money online without any investment? How to I do online jobs from home? or you have lost money online in one of the many scams on the internet. Then read this post to the end I will share the other available means of making money online in Zimbabwe and any part of the world, without losing money or without spending a dime.


My name is Kudakwashe Sape Tshuma I am based in Zimbabwe, I am one of the people that have been able to earn a full-time income from the internet, work from home, have more play time with my kids. I have helped hundreds of people here in Zimbabwe and across the world to discover and unlock the possibilities of making money online. Let me get to the real issue here.


Making money online is no much difference from the offline ways of making money. A few things that I can point out to is making money online is more easier than most people think. The problem is that there are millions of websites online. If you do not know the buttons to click on the internet money will never happen. If you do not have pointers, someone to guide you you may never make a dime. Its very unfortunate many are also led to scams too.


Making money online is real YES. Thousands of people earn a living including myself. Check out one of the ways to make online in the video below after the video  read the post I will share one of the best ways for newbies to plug in with zero investment.


I have no doubt that if this is done properly you can make money online and never loss you will thank me later  for this information.

Take a pen and paper write down these answers

What kind of work do u do ?   What are you good at ?  What are your talents GOD’s given gifts?    Who do you know who can do something on your behalf ? These kind of questions will make sense later on as you read.

Let me introduce you to the world of Freelancing

A freelancer or freelance worker is a term commonly used for a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term.

Whatever you are doing at work now , or something that someone can do for you can be hired out online. Be open minded here. Think of this if you are a graphic designer your can be hired out on websites like  , If you do not have graphic design skills you just look for someone in your local area and you become a middleman.


Upwork is a freelance website where by service providers meets people who needs certain services done. and its free to create an account. Upwork works anywhere in the where there is internet connection. To have better understanding of how it works check the interview I did with a stay at home mom Lutrish Gandawa, Lutrish is a writer on upwork In the interview below she cover some key points on how upwork works and how to get started.

I hope the interview above gave you hits on how it all works . to jump on to Lutrish training program CLICK HERE

Anything that has been done by others you also can do. I hope this will give you  a head start on your journey.

If you have any questions , comments or contributions please post in the comment section below.

I wish you success

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  1. Thank you so much brother Kuda for sharing such important information. No wonder why you are successful in everything you do, it’s because you are not selfish.You are blessed so that you also become a blessing to others.

    1. Hie Enock , we have created a coaching program that will help you learn binary CLICK HERE to get to the Zimbabwe Binary Traders website. Apart from that Binary trading is a fast way of making money online and at the same time it is the fast way to lose money as well . I recommend you exercise a lot of patience on your self and learn the skills first . I have witnessed thousands of people losing money only because they are not patient to learn . Remember experts make money amateurs don’t. Become an expert in BInary and money will come . Implement the amateur strategies u will lose money as well .

  2. hello bro kuda im also a Zimbabwean and have seen an opportunity on working online about Four Corners bro pliz help me out with some ideas.You can contact me using my email.Thank you for your post it helps me

    1. Hi Donn, Thanks so much for your message . Four corners is a pure network marketing. The best skill to learn when you join an MLM is to learn how to recruit and motivate your tram . You making money on four corners is based on your team growth. If you are not in a position of building a team you may have challenges in making money. There are many resources to learn how to build and motivate your team. All I can say is timing and strategy are very important when joining companies like four corners. You need to be one of the first group to join and you need very good strategies to be on top .

      1. hi Kuda.

        thank you for the information. failing to signup with upwork. please help with other freelance jobs sites.

        thank you.

        1. Hi how are you Thembie The best person to get in touch with is Lutrish she can assist with that I am sure the contacts for lutrish re provided in the interview . I hope to see you at one of my seminars in Harare. I am hosting seminars throughout 2019 once a month

  3. hi Kuda

    I’m a stay at home mom looking to make money doing online/offline typing / data capture. Please assist. TIA

  4. Kuda you are awesome. you are so kind. never knew i would get my help from a brother in the country. i enjoyed Latrish’s story because i am a writer. cant wait to start. god bless you brother!!!

  5. Hie Kuda, when are you going to have another seminar of this month. Where are we going to attend , my first time so please kindly assist

    1. Hi, I am hosting the next seminar in Harare, Zimbabwe, On the 11 of November 2018. it’s about Affiliate marketing > I have send the details to your email as well. Regards

  6. Chinoda Chibindi

    With Zim under sanctions from the west can affiliate marketing as a way of making money in Zimbabwe or alternatively what are your chances of making money online in Zimbabwe when we are under sanctions from the West.

    1. Chances are high . I have done affiliate marketing and I still affiliate marketing while in Zimbabwe. You just have to make sure u understand the payment methods used for u to get paid. You may come across one or two affiliate programs that do not allow Zimbabwe and to promote but most of them accept us . So the chances are very high and there are plenty of companies that one can promote

  7. Hello. I want to find out if in Zimbabwe one can actually download apps and watch videos for money. If so, which websites should l log onto? Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

    1. HI There are so many things that you can do online without spending any money.
      Bear in mind that if you are not going to spend any money you may need
      to spend time on it. Its either leaning about it or doing it.

      I am not sure what you prefer to do but there are way too many options
      here is what I think off head

      1. You need mentorhip like someone to guide through I recommend wealth affiliate Its a paid service though

      2. I have done an interview about teaching online to the asian community this does not require and capital you just have to be an english speaker you can check the interview here

      3. You can enter capthca code online. this one is free as well visit the webiste here and register as a worker.

      4. A friend of mine is doing online jobs see the seminar we had with her here

      In conclusion there are many options to choose from.If I where to choose I would choose mentorshio the first one as you need the help of others to make things happen I hope this helps

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