How to start an online business in Zimbabwe-Seminar 2018

This is one of the training seminars (VIDEO BELOW) that I shared some great insights about starting an online business in Zimbabwe. This reminded me of when I am was getting started in 2012. I used to have a number of questions about establishing an online business. I stepped out of the comfort zone. When I did that I met a number of Zimbabweans that are making money online as well. Thanks to Tino, Mitchel, and team for organizing the event. TInofara who is a social media manager for a number of companies took one of my online courses about creating your own website. One of these days when I was in town I pumped into Tino. He was the first to identify me, we had a little chat and we exchanged numbers. A few weeks later Tino asked If I can be one of the speakers at his event. The topic was about How to start an online business in Zimbabwe. The recording below covers the Steps I use in all my online businesses.

One of the speakers that were invited by Tino Was a motivational speaker Evans Masau who shared great insights of mindset training.

Starting an online business is not different with getting started with the offline business.

Remember There are thousands of ways of making money online , I dont even know all of them. I am sure the trianing will provide value and change the way you look at the internet forever. If you have any questions please leave a comment below I will be more than Happy to answer. Enjoy

If you follw the training below here are the resource tools that I mentioned in the training  Traffikkrr, Content Studio , MyMailit , Appsumo


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