Lessons from reading The laptop Millionaire Book by Mark Anastasi

Anyone who needs to create a real online business that create passive income should read The Laptop Millionaire Book by Mark Anastasi. I have been following Mark For a number of years. In fact I got inspired by one of his e-book Rich Thinking vs Poor Thinking which cover the mindset of the rich and the poor. Well let me jump into that as this post is about The laptop Millionaire. Mark has helped thousands of entrepreneurs to unlimited ways to make money online including myself. Right now i can proudly say I managed to escape the 9-5 rate race.

The book – The Laptop Millionaire introduction is about the life of mark who worked as a security guard and at one point when he became homeless. I almost went in tears when mark shared the story when he ran in the street of London ended up in the grave yard. The question that he asked him self was “What if I die today?, what will people say about Mark”. From that moment mark had a new look toward life and making a difference in his life and other people’s lives. The story goes on Mark attended an event that was taking place in London about internet marketing. Mark Invited a friend and a co-worker to go with him, the co-worker refused. AT the event mark set next to a gentleman whom he refers as the LAPTOP MILLIONAIRE who became his mentor. So the BOOK The Laptop Millionaire is all about Mark sharing what his mentor The Laptop Millionaire shared with him.

Thanks to mentor-ship I got to know about Mark through my internet coach who has over 400 virtual employees from all over the world http://worldoutsourcingsolutions.com/  . My internet coach gave me the book The laptop millionaire as a gift. I read it in less than 7 days. Below is an image of My Internet marketing coach with mark at one of Mark Anastasi Live events 


The laptop Millionaire Book has 32 proven ways of making money online. I may not be able to write them all here I recommend you get a copy of the book from amazon to have better understanding. The book has real life case studies of some of mark’s students including their names. The book is straightforward easy to follow with all the resources you may need that is the websites references.

  1. Interviewing Experts – This is where by you find experts in a certain niche. You record the interview and sell it, give away for free for list building and so on.
  2. Creating membership Websites
  3. making money on twitter
  4. Facebook Strategies
  5. YouTube
  6. Search engine optimization
  7. Licensing your product
  8. Making money from PLR products
  9. Organizing Seminars
  10.  Offline marketing
  11. Banner  Advertising
  12. Solo ads

The list goes on.

One thing I like about mark’s book is that all the ideas are well explained. I have read the book more than 3 times to this date I am sure I will read it more. Since then I have been inspired to create my own economy.

Final Thoughts

Reading books has become  a habit. I have found a treasures in reading. I have come to understand that there are millions of stories out of people who started from nothing. The world is waiting to hear your story, your story is unique.

My next review will be about the book that I am currently reading by Robert G. Allen and Mark Victor Hansen called CASH IN A FLASH. The book is all about making a turn around in 90days all less.

The Laptop Millionaire: How Anyone Can Escape the 9 to 5 and Make Money Online

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