MMM founder Sergey Mavrodi dies of Heart Attack aged 62

The sudden death of Mavrodi on the 26th of March caused by heart attack has sparked a lot of conversations.People on social media are talking extensively about the Russian man with a unique business and financial philosophy.

I first learnt of him in 2015 when I was introduced to MMM a peer-to-peer donation platform that promised returns of 30% per month. MMM was getting launched in Zimbabwe that time and I quickly jumped aboard and started promoting it.

I was one of the early adopters and I rose to the level of Guider in MMM. I ended up interacting with a lot of people in that position.

Mavrodi’s philosophy was that the current banking system was inherently flawed and oppressive to the common person. He then sought to create a platform that would allow people to help each other without the need for banks.

MMM was active in a number of African countries including Nigeria and South Africa. In Zimbabwe, the programme ran smoothly for about a year.

Technically, MMM was still running up to the point of Mavrodi’s death. In fact, a message was sent to the MMM backend dashboard announcing that the programme was now on pause following Mavrodi’s death.

Social media is full of people expressing their mixed feelings over Mavrodi’s death. Some are celebrating his demise whilst others are mourning an icon.

I have decided to highlight the lessons I learnt through Mavrodi’s MMM.


Vital lessons I Learnt through Sergey Mavrodi’s MMM


  1. Network Marketing is all about team building

Part of the attraction of MMM was the fact that a member would get referral bonuses to the eighth level.  This was a great incentive for me to learn team-building. I used various channels like YouTube, blogging, live events and webinars to promote MMM. I spent so much time doing these activities and I continually improved my presentation skills.

I got so good that my team grew very fast in a short period of time. I also coached my downliners on the tactics I used and this grew my referral list even longer.

I have used the same team-building skills to promote a lot of other programs including my own.

2.            Passive Income is very important

I earned passive income through MMM due to the size of my team. I was able to leverage the efforts of my downliners and increase my passive earnings. This allowed me time to focus on other projects.

Since then I have always sought out ways to earn passive income and I have created a number of passive income channels and products.

3.            Do not put all your eggs in one basket

When MMM collapsed in Zimbabwe many people lost money. There were people who were earning substantial income from MMM and their lives changed dramatically for them when that source of income dried up.

Through observing this I learnt that I have to have a diversified portfolio of income-generating projects so that if one flops I can always fall on the others.

In my online marketing business, I have developed a number of income generating channels in a bid to cushion myself.

4.            Building my own income generating projects is the best business model online

I spent significant time and money promoting MMM and all those efforts were reduced to dust when the program collapsed. This was bad because I could not continue earning from my efforts. I then realised that promoting other people’s businesses has a big disadvantage in that I have no control at all. The owner of the program can choose to close it down at any given period.

I was motivated to build my own businesses that I could control and even sell them when I was no longer interested in them. To date, I have a number of online businesses running including Internet Pro Club, Bitcoin for Beginners course, Zimbinary traders, Zim Diary and Creative 21.

These are business I control 100% and this gives me a measure of security in that I will not get any nasty shock like I did with MMM.

I still promote other people’s projects but the bulk of my time is spent promoting my own projects.

5.            Business Networks are extremely important.

In the course of engaging in MMM, I made a lot of contacts from various walks of life. Some of these people have turned to be business associates even after MMM collapsed. These contacts were both local and international.

Some have turned out to be clients or have referred clients to me. Before MMM I did not fully appreciate this fact. Now I use every available opportunity to grow my professional network.

      6. I learnt about Bitcoins through MMM

When the programme was running there was an option of using bitcoin to transfer funds between members. Using bitcoins resulted in a higher payout of 50%/per month. This was naturally an interesting proposition. I learnt about bitcoins so that I could use them and earn the higher returns.

I learnt a lot about bitcoins and up to now I still use them to transact. I also have a bitcoin for beginners course that helps others learn about bitcoins and their uses. You can learn more about bitcoins here.

What’s your take on Mavrodi’s death?

As you can see, I was never the same person after I had been through MMM and for that, I feel indebted, in some way, to Sergey Mavrodi.

I would like to hear your opinion on Sergey Mavrodi. What do you think of him? Was he a hero or villain? Please share your thoughts in the comments below. If you were part of MMM please kindly share your experiences as well.

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