3 tips on how to start an online business in Zimbabwe

If you are reading this then you must be on the road to start an online business or at least the thought has just crossed your mind maybe once or twice so you want to know if it is something for you. Well, you are in the right place so stay tuned. Below, I have for you some tips I have picked up in my journey as an online business owner and as a bonus at the end of this blog post, I will put a link for you to access my free online course that will help you kickstart your online career.

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Well, when we talk of foundation we are talking of the reason why you would want to start an online business. Have a passion-based foundation, not a foundation that is based on failing in other fields of business and then trying to migrate to the digital world all because it seems easier. Surprisingly starting an online business is much tougher as compared to starting one offline. You have to make yourself knowledgeable in the area of business, online payment methods, online marketing, and many other things you need to learn about.

Community support

You need community support, your community is not that place or area where you grew up, where your house is sitting. No, when you are doing business online your community is an online community. So you definitely need to find online communities in and out of Zimbabwe so that you stay motivated and get ideas for one another.

Digital service

A digital service is something that can be delivered online without you having to be there physically. Examples of Digital Services are WebHosting, EBook Designing, Social Media Marketing, and Writing. So a Digital Service is something that you might want to consider as long as you have identified a target market.


In a nutshell, it takes time and dedication for you to start an online business. Like any other business it has its pros and cons but one of my favorite pros is that you are able to work from anywhere in the world. And just to fulfill my promise here are the steps to start an online business course.

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