How to get paid for doing online work in Zimbabwe

There are many ways to receive money in Zimbabwe when you do some work online. Many that are just getting started may not know the available methods to get paid in Zimbabwe. In this article, I am going to cover a number of ways to get paid in Zimbabwe for doing work online. I have also done a video version of this article. I will share my personal experiences, a list of people that is,  my student’s and friends’ experiences on how they receive their funds. Let’s get to it…

3 important questions to ask oneself to know the best methods of getting paid. 

  1.  What is your make-money online model? There are many ways to make money online. Once you identify your method of making money online, it’s time you find the methods of payments used on the website you are using. More on this later.
  2. What are the payment methods used? Different websites offer different ways to payout. From PayPal, bank deposits, Payoneer, bitcoin, and many other options. Here you you need to find the best way and how you can access your funds.
    3. What is the way around getting paid? If you have a hard time choosing, you have to figure out a way of alternatives to how you can get your money in Zimbabwe.

Let’s jump into examples.


One of my online property collects payments online via stripe. If you try to create a stripe account while in Zimbabwe it won’t work. I partnered with my cousin based in the United Kingdom on the website webcity I use his stripe account. Stripe is then connected to his bank account. You can learn more about stripe on their website.


Payoneer is an online payment platform that is used mostly by freelancers who do work online on websites like upwork. One of our students at the internet pro club Lutrish Gandawa has been using this method to get paid for her writing services.

I have done seminars and interviews with Lutrish. You can listen to one of our interviews about online work.

FBC Mastercard

If you run AdSense through a website or YouTube in Zimbabwe. The best way to get paid is through FBC MasterCard offered by FBC bank. I received my first payout from Youtube via the card. Another use case for the FBC card is that you can use it to make payments online. You can apply for a bank card from FBC bank, The card application fee should be less than $10.00USD.Once you get your card from FBC, they will provide the card details and you use the card details on your AdSense account so that you get paid into the card. Below is the video that explains the process.


Western Union or World Remit

Paidaonline is a website by Paida Chitungo who teaches native languages. She mostly teaches Shona through her website. In one of my interviews with Paida she shared with me how she gets paid for her online teaching services. Her clients pay her via Western Union or world remit. Paida is also one of our students at the Internet Pro club. Years back, she attended one of our seminars about online jobs. I am so proud to have seen the growth she has done so far.


I promote deriv as an affiliate marketer. When i get affiliate commissions from deriv I can choose to get paid in bitcoin. Deriv is an online forex broker that is used by many forex traders in Zimbabwe. There are many sites out there that can payout in bitcoin.

Local bank transfer

Greens Zambasa is a writer and SEO specialist. He serves local and international companies. One of the companies that he has written articles for is Paynow  The way Greens get paid is by the companies sending money to his local bank account. In my interview with Greens on digital marketing, he shared a lot of nuggets that can help you understand the importance of digital marketing.


Paynow is an online payment platform that helps businesses in Zimbabwe to accept online payments through Visa, MasterCard, ecocash, telecash, and many other options. If you are a service provider or a business, this is a great way to get paid online in Zimbabwe.


Airtm is an online wallet that has been used by a number of Zimbabwe who do online jobs. You can find some websites to do work online on the airtm partners’ page on the website. The sites listed you can perform work there and get paid through the website (airtm) I have done a detailed video that explains how airtm works 

Other ways of getting paid for doing work online is explained in the video below.


Making money online or starting an online business requires skill and a learning curve. With so many scams around the internet, many people may not find their true resting place. If you are having a hard time getting paid for doing work online in Zimbabwe, it could be the fact that you don’t have enough community support from people that are online entrepreneurs. I invite you to be part of our training program which is dedicated to helping you establish an online income, an online business, visit internet pro club

I would like to know how you are getting paid online in Zimbabwe or if you have any questions please leave a comment below

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