Affiliate marketing Seminar Recording Harare, Zimbabwe

There is nothing that pisses me off than people who looks at the internet profits as a scam. Well, a few days ago I and my team hosted an affiliate marketing seminar in Harare, Zimbabwe. Though there is more to affiliate marketing at the seminar we covered the basic concept of affiliate marketing. If Affiliate is done properly it can create residual income this article you will find the video recording of the seminar (Unedited). The resources I have shared at the seminar are also on this page. My hope is that we all find a place on the internet where we can take advantage of the internet and use it to our profits. I may not know it all but what I share surely can help you.

With that out of the way enjoy the Recording.


Resources mentioned and used at the seminar

Download the slides by clicking here – Mention tool that I use that monitor conversations

appsumo- a website I purchase some of the software I use in my online business

ChatBot that I use on my website to start conversations CLICK HERE

Bonus Training

If you could not access the bonus trainings find them below

Creating your own website training click here

Video marketing training course CLICK HERE

Here is just one of affiliate marketing programs that I profit from is Ipage click here When you visit this page scroll down to the bottom of the page and locate where it says affiliate you will see how much commission they pay.

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Some Images from the seminar



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