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FortIs Fort ad pays a scam? What is fort ad pays for? How does Ford ad pays work? These some of the questions many people may have. In this review I will tell you how fort ad pays works and you will decide if its for you or not. this is why you need to the end I have a surprise gift for you.

Fort ad pays started on the 11 of November 2014, It is one of the rev share companies (like Traffic monsoon, my advertising pays, my paying ads and so on) that has been around for long. many revenue share companies that has the same model as Fort ad pays collapse in their infant stages. Most done last even 6 months, but what is the secret about fort ad pays.

2016-03-06_1045 The stats I will provide are based on 6th of march 2016. Fort ads pays members are over 150 000 people and over 20k people are joining the program per month.

Fort ad pays Alexa ranking2016-03-06_1044

Fort Ad Pays owner ?

President: Pedro Fort
Fort Marketing Group (located in Florida, USA), is a business group with many projects in sectors and countries in upward trend:
– Property
– Raw Material
– Online Advertising
– Online Shops
– Manufacture and development of own products
– ISO Certifications
– Sports betting company

Fort ad ad pays Presentation

What is Fort ad pays?

Fort ad pays is a revenue share company, Revenue Share means customers share a percentage of the company earnings that have bought our revenue share packs, also called shares, and met the requirement of surfing 4 Ads per day or buy a surf free plan.

In the case of the pack of $1, the company shares equitably the 75% of all packs sold between all the customers that have bought that packs and are qualified..
“With revenue share I can advertise my business, take new opportunities 
and earn profits every 30 minutes.”
This is what the customer get in return for busying the revenue share Adpacks? 
1. Visits to your website. Packages contain 5 visits (credits) to advertise other business or websites.
2. Revenue Share every 30 minutes. Each 30 minutes, Fort Ad Pays shares a huge percentage of its global earnings to all its members that own shares and are qualified.

Pack with revenue shares

Pack $1 earn up to $2,2
Each pack of 1 dollar includes:
– 5 visits and it has a return up to 220%
– 50% to repurchase and 50% to cash
– 110% of cash goes directly to the balance
– 110% goes to repurchase balance
– We share 75% of the global pack earnings
– Affiliation program with 21% in commissions
Can I  make money with Fort Ad Pays?
The answer to that is yes you can make money, the first way to make money is to buy advertising credits of which you will paid back with interest over time. another way of making money with fort ad pays is through referral commisions this mean you get paid for bringing customers to fort ad pays, I know a  number of people who are focused on just promoting fort ad pays. Look at the image below for the commissions that can come your way from referral bonuses

Fort Ad pays features 

  • SIMPLE, $1 adpacks only,
    earns up to 220%, currently daily about 2%
  • Longterm sustainability, earn every 30 min
  • 50% goes directly to the cash balance
  • 50% goes to repurchase balance
  • FAP shares 75% of the global pack earnings
  • Up to 21% referral commissions(10 levels deep),
    100% goes to cash balance
  • Surf 4 ads daily, any time (surf 8, starting Mon)
  • Option to purchase SURF FREE time from $2/day
  • NO MONTHLY FEE, NO “add funds” fee
  • by Fort Marketing Group (located in Florida, USA)
  • Very popular in Spain and now growing worldwide
  • Great customer support (via website)
  • Withdrawals Mon-Fri  (MAX per day: $1000)
  • Payza and 2Pay4You, Perfect money, NO Paypal
    (if possible use Payza, 2pay4you and Perfectmoney has very low max withdrawal limit)

Is fort ad pays a scam?

In my opinion Fort ad pays is not a scam. Though I have seen companies with this same business model vanish so fast and many people lose their money in the process. One thing that will make this business live long is because of the payment processors they use. Recently paypal as been giving companies like these a hard to work with them. Though there are changes here and there to improve their services FORT AD PAYS vision and its history has proved to be a company that has great leaders who know what they are doing. Above all I strongly recommend you use money that you are ready to lose in case anything happens. There several factors that causes the collapse of online businesses at times it may not be the companies owners fault. So take note of that.


WHY I JOINED Fort ad pays

I was introduced to fort ad pays by Drew Burton who is a internet marketer like me and he is successful in YouTube marketing and Facebook marketing. I have been privileged to be also working with him in different online program, all he does is win.

Check out DREW’s facebook mastermind group CLICK here 


I have had the opportunity to talk to thousands of people in person and on the internet. The goal for many is to make money online, all they want is money . Well is a good to have that goal but making money online is not magic one needs to learn the skills. Mentor-ship is one of the best ways to fast track your results. Find someone who is doing what you want model what they do definitely you will have the same results that they have. Fort ads pays is worth gyving a try and especially with the facebook mastermind group with many other leaders to help you get on your feet you won’t go wrong.

Well before I end this I understand that I promised you a surprise gift . There is also a community that I want to give you access to  it is a community of people that are all internet marketers working on different business model hang and learn. CLICK HERE learn more from them .

If you have any questions or experience about Fort ad pays.  Please comment below



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