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MMM Global There is a rapid growth in  any economy for money making programs and almost everyone is looking for ways to make money from the internet.  I have been contacted several times about MMM global community which is growing membership in Africa and other parts of the world. I decided to dig deep to see if mmm global is legit or not. This is the reason why you need to read this post to the end this is my honest review,. there are many factors that we will look at. firstly i will start by telling how the business model works.


Rating: 4/10

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What is MMM global Community

MMM global community is a mutual aid fund and a social financial network, a community of people who want to be free.

 MMM Global How it works People exchange their spare money for their well-being. For instance you have some money that you don’t want to use and you help someone who needs in the mmm global community then when you need it back, someone else will give it to you. MMM global does not have a central account all money is distributed between the participates. The community connects people who wants to help and those who needs help. Everyone gains from the financial relationship, which means its not possible not to make money/profit.[bcv]

Firstly you can earn between
20%-100% per month. Let me talk about the 30% per month for your help that most people are on. You give help to somebody now and after a calendar month (30days) you can require it back with 30 percent more if you need it.How does one make money with MMM Global?

Secondly 10 percent referral bonus for help made by people you invited to be part of  MMM global community. Upon Registration you are provided with a referral link (your unique link) . Lets say you share it with a friend and he give help of $100.00 you will get $10.00 not form the money he gave but the 10 percents comes from the community.

Managers benefits

MMM guiders(Managers) are the foundation and strength of the Community. They convey the idea of MMM to people, share valuable knowledge to people, invite new members, advise and assist participants of the Community when they have some difficulties, conduct conferences. And participants certainly should be sure that their Guiders are well trained and really qualified to their position.


If you are a manager in MMM there are some benefits to you can expect. Look at the diagram on the left side For example, if you are Ronald’s guider, Ronald is Maricel’s guider and Maricel is Joseph’s, you will get 5% from Ronald’s donation, 3% from Maricel’s donation and 1% from Joseph’s. If someone will be under Joseph, you will get from him 0.5% and so on.

To become a manager you must attend the managers training which is provided by MMM Global.

Sounds too good to be true?

How is it possible to get returns like that, MMM uses the same concept like all banks, insurance companies, pension funds world currencies like US$ dollars, Euros etc. People are paid from the money collected from people.

MMM Global Owner/founder – Sergey Mavrodi Sergey Mavrodi is a founder and leader of the MMM Social Financial Community. MMM is sure to be his life-work, but not the only one. Sergei Mavrodi, having a degree in mathematics, worked as a programmer and took part in the development of the first operating systems. The company he founded was one of leading computer equipment distributors in Russia. He was a Deputy of the Russian Parliament. His literary works were published and they are sold in book stores. Two of his screenplays were made into movies. His poems were turned into songs. This just to say a few words but there is tons of information on the internet about him.

MMM Global history 

MMM was established in 1989 by Sergei Mavrodi his brother Vyacheslav Mavrodi, and Olga Melnikova. The name of the company was taken from the first letters of the three founders’ surnames. Initially, the company imported computers and office equipment. In January 1992, tax police accused MMM of tax evasion , leading to the collapse of MMM-bank, and causing the company to have difficulty obtaining financing to support its operations. Faced with difficulties in funding its foreign trade, the company switched to the financial sector. It offered American stocks to Russian investors, but met with little success. Later, MMM-Invest was created for the purpose of collecting vouchers during privatisation. This effort was similarly unsuccessful. MMM created its successful Ponzi scheme in 1994. The company started attracting money from private investors…CLICK HERE to read the full history. The film THE PYRAMID is based on a true story in 1994 you should about it on YouTube its an interesting one.


Is all over the world, it is widespread, it uses bitcoins as payment processors which means it doesn’t matter where you are in the world you can participate in MMM Global. There are over 138million members, in over 107 countries. Over 5 years of activity and over $14Billion of assistance has been provided. The community is growing so fast.Here are some of the countries that MMM global is in. MMM global South Africa, MMM Global Philippines, MMM global Zambia, MMM Global ZImbabwe, MMM Global

MMM CHARITY Mmm charity is able to help people in different parts of the world MMM global did help children people in India, Indonesia, Zambia, South Africa, Russia and a lot of other countries.

This is not a community that aims to make you rich, the goal is to make people fair money. MMM right now has no completion it is unique its own way.

MMM Global Presentation

Is MMM Global scam?

I saw the statement below on  mmm website and all the information about how the company operates is laid out in black and white they did not hide anything.

WARNING! There are no guarantees and promises! Neither explicit nor implicit. There are neither investments nor business! Participants help each other, sending each other money directly and without intermediaries. That’s all! There’s nothing more.

There are no securities transactions, no relationship with the professional participants of the securities market; you do not acquire any securities. (Do you need them? :-))

There are no rules. In principle! The only rule is no rules. At all! Even if you follow all of the instructions, you still may “lose”. “Win” might not be paid. Without any reasons or explanations. And in general, you can lose all your money. Always remember about this and participate only with spare money. Or do not participate at all! Amen. :-))

My Unique Take / Stop wasting your time with get rich quick schemes

The main reason why most people would be part of online business is to make money. Well in order to make money online you should build a rock solid foundation and build on it, without a website and without traffic the money will not happen. If you want to learn more about building a rock solid Internet business CLICK HERE.  For one reason or the other I almost don’t recommend such programs as most people join without the full understanding of how it all works, any online business has its ups and downs. MMM global uses the bitcoin technology that is not controlled by any government, this makes it unique because there is no bank involved when transferring money from one person to the other. Becoming part of such programs you need to know what you are doing do some research and get all the answers you have answered. I have done some research on social media I have seen a lot of positive testimonials and there is a lot of proof that MMM global is changing a lot of people’s lives.

The 2 reasons why I became part of it is 1. I wanted to know more about the bitcoin (Digital Money) technology as it is the future of money, the paper money we see today we shall see it no more.

-Helping someone and get more in return that’s cool.

Should you decide to be part of MMM Global click the link below

CLICK HERE to get started & I will guide you on all the next steps you need to take. Upon registration you will see kudaonline as the person who invited you.

If you have experience with MMM please leave a comment below or questions

72 thoughts on “MMM Global Review Zimbabwe”

  1. Ngonidzashe Sibanda

    Its only a few months for in the MMM community but my biggest driver into joining this community is the idea of helping each other whilst yo gain financial freedom yourself.Inmost cases everyone have an idea to help someone in need but it seems as if we are all selfish beings not because we want but because we are financilly poor.Take for instance poor old poor ,street kids who beg for their basic needs What would you do if you had the financial muscle to assist them?

    1. Ngoni well said. MMM Global community has changed a lot of people’s lives. Its all about assisting one another and never be selfish. I also love the MMM global charity program its amazing .

  2. Thank you Kuda you have been send by God to assist some of us, l was about to throw in a towel because l could not get enough knowledge and understanding how to go about it. l joined in Feb this year with your presentations l am gaining a lot out of it. Thank you once again. Stay blessed.

  3. Hi Kuda. I attended your presentation in Marlborough on Saturday 19 March 2016 and it was excellent, keep it up. However, I am so excited about the community and would like to know how do i go about if i want to become a guider? Thanks

  4. NHi Kuda if I want to get started, how much should I start with cause I heard it starts with $10 is that true. How much will I be earning each month and can I withdraw anytime I want my money?

    1. Hello Leadmore, yes its true I recommenced you start with $50 because you will get one time registration bonus of $20.00 for anyone that starts with any amount above $50.00 . You can withdraw your money and 30% interest .

      1. good morning Kuda. i gave help of $50.00 on 21/6/16. How am i going to access my bonus and when can i withdraw it.

    1. Hi Silibele CLICK HERE to get started I have added a get started guide to the site so that it can be easy for you to start . I will give you my personal contact so that I help you once you create your account.

  5. hi Kuda thanks for this information, is it possible to collect your money after year or you are forced to collect it everymonth. cz l wanna put something like $1000 ,on 30%profit my calculations gives me $23,295 after a yr is that possible????

    1. Hi samu yes that is the total amount of money you can make in a year, its not like you keep the money in the system it is designed in a way that you put money in and take money if you calculate that amount will be that amount you mentioned above

  6. hie kuda I was introduced to the business by a colleague in SAshe joined me but I can’t log into my account am almost losing hope pliz help

  7. Hey Kuda am Nkosie from Byo tell me can I earn Money if I join but do not deposit money,But I recomend people to join through me & they put their money do I get some Percentage from them

    1. HI Nkosie that sounds like a plan That is exactly what I did. When I saw the MMM global opportunity I had no money at all and the only way I could make money was to share with other. Today I have over 100 people directly under me and you will love referral commissions. I would recommend that you start the manager’s course inside MMM global.

  8. Hey Kuda it’s Nkosie again I tried to register bt I never got Email comfirmation,When I try to Re register they say my Email already exists but still I cannot Log In

  9. Hi kid a jeanette here man ihvbn trying to register online but it keep telling me my e-mail exists pls help i want to join mmm

  10. fewstar chakabva

    Hie kuda,am fewstar chakabva from waterfalls harare,l am really interested to join the global community group bt tel me what should l do to get that 100% interest?

  11. Admire Ngoni Dangirwa

    hi kuda
    could you please help me. I was registered on MMM global and when it closed I long asked to be transfered to MMM Zimbabwe but there is nothing that has been done. The guider seems not doung much

  12. Margaret chaita

    hi, the $20 bonus do you get it every time you deposit $50 or more or its an once of payment

  13. Hellow My name is Missa im @ South Africa .I invested money with MMM this February of this year 2016 when it grew to 7000 arround May …MMM was investigated by police and media .There were lot of negative talks .I stood Firm .Even though there were talks I could nt withdrew my money .The othe day I went to my account I had 00 ,I could nt withdrew anything .Is MMM still operating in South Africa ?

    1. MMM is regional , You need to stay up to date with the current news in MMM , please contact your guider and ask . I have a lot of friends in south africa and they are happy with the progress

  14. when l click here it reffers m to a registration form, but its East africa question is lam frm Zim do l register under east africa

  15. loveness Pedzisayi

    Hi. Kuda. My name is Loveness Pedzisayi. I need your help with Google Authenicater. I dint managexto copy tge GA code bcoz of an electrical fault. I lost the screen before l could copy the Google Authenticator code. This happened when l was trying to enroll GA. I can’t login to MMM. My number is 0772344898.

    1. Hi Silence , Depends on which time you are joining if you use dollars you get 30% growth per month . if its bitcons at the time I am replying its 50% . the normal growth rate is 30%

  16. hie kuda l have just registered for mmm using mylaptop home but wen l try to login it say additional authorization enter GA code
    how do l solve that problem please help.

  17. MMM is a global mutual aid community. MMM is social financial donation exchange network.MMM is a million & million community of people who have agreed to willingly extend financial helping hands to each other via donation.
    MMM is not a bank, An investment opportunity, a business but simply a community of people helping each other financially.

    MMM has no central pocket were money is been deposited, Transactions are done peer to peer (Person to Person)
    MMM is ran by the community ie. Me & you. We just have a technical program that regulates what we do and what we can’t do.. The technical system controls how much we can ask do as help  or withdraw and how much we can provide as help or deposit

    You know about the popular word ‘Contribution’ where people contribute money to one person and there’s a book where everyone’s name is written. When it gets to your turn; everybody’s money is given to you. (MMM is similar in that sense)

    In MMM, we make pledges to donate our SPARE money to members  who need the money. We do so by logging into our MMM account (Personal office) to make the pledge. We join the queue of people who have already made pledges after making the pledge.
    We ONLY make pledges. We don’t gather our pledges to give to one person. In MMM there is no CENTRAL ACCOUNT (No bank account where all our pledges are paid into). Members transfer money directly to each other.

    Now, if a member in the community who has already made a pledge to provide financial help to another member and has fulfilled his pledge now needs help, he does that by logging into hisMMM account (Personal Office) to say so (Get Help)
    The system, connects him with the person in the queue for Providing help. If it’s your turn on the queue to provide help; when you log into your Personal Office, you will receive the details of the person to provide financial help to.

    As soon as you pay the money directly into the person’s bank account  who needs that financial help and that person acknowledges he has received the money, you are now qualified to Get help.

    You then log into your personal office to ask for financial help. Someone/people in the queue whose turn it is to provide help will be assigned to pay you 30% of the donation you provided + the donation money itself.
    MMM is composed of 3 components
    1. Provide help
    2. Get help
    3. Technical basic program

    A provider of help is someone who has pledged to give financial help in the community. He or she can also be a receiver of help, when he or she has extended a financial  helping hand to someone in the community

    A receiver of help is a member or participant who has already entended a helping hand or provided help. Thus is qualified to receive help from the community

    So basically MMM has no any central pocket where all money deposits or donations goes into.. Because all donations are done peer to peer. How do i mean? Donations are done via member to member transfers into there bank accounts or bitcoin wallet.

     The technical basic program controls the activities of the provider of help and the receiver of help.


    Like i said earlier MMM is donation exchange network. If we had previous knowledge of mutual aid society. We understand mutual aid society is a comunity where we give financial help and receive financial help back. The more financial help u give, the more financial help u get in return. Its like borrowing your money out, and receiving it back later or much later when you need it with little interest (just example)
    MMM offers its participants an appreciation package for all donations they make to a participant in the community. MMM offers its participants 30% growth rate per month for each & every donation they make in the system.

    For example
    I donate 1000 naira, after 30 days you would be qualified to 1300 naira as financial help from another participant in community,
     5000 naira qualifies you to recieve 6500 naira
    10000 naira, qualifies you to recive 13000 naira…
     So basically, the percentage grows by 1% daily or 30% monthly

    The basic calculation is this

    Donation amount  X  1.30 = expected amount after 30 days

    Let me just hint us on what goes on in the system a little
    When you make a donation request, your request is registered & placed in a queue, while your money still remains with you.
    In exchange, the system will register your request with its virtual currency called mavros. This mavros is already growing at 1% per day. While your request is in queue & your money is with you.

    Its a tradition in MMM, that your donation is frozen for 15 days. So within that 15 days you cant ask for help (Get Help) but you can ask for help after 15 days because it would have been unfrozen also provided your order to send money to a participant who needs help is out already & money has been sent

    So there are situations where your request will be in queue for 15-30 days ( thats for those using bank transfer to donate) and your virtual mavros is growing steadily. Maybe on the 30th day, your donation request was approved, contact details & bank details of the recipient who needs help was sent to you.. And you made the payment already and payment was confirmed. I tell you…even the next day been the 31st day you can withdraw or request to Get help
    And the total money you asked as help will be paid to you within 48 hours…maximally by another participant
    By sharing MMM with friends, family and business acquaintances..
    MMM doesn’t make any guarantees…Why? because it doesn’t generate revenue, neither does it use your money for any business to generate profit. It’s pure peer to peer transaction from one member to another member. MMM belongs to the community, its sustainability depends on the activities of the people that make up the MMM Nigeria community i.e me & you and other MMM Nigeria participants. So it is our corporate responsibility to ensure that this system giving to us freely by Sergry Mavrodi keeps helping people in meeting their financial needs by ensuring that we grow the community.
    Just like the banks invest so much funds in marketing, to attract new deposits, MMM also market through seminar presentations & Charity events to create awareness and encourage people of different Nigerian ethnic group to join the community.

    Where does 30% come from?
    There is no interest rate in MMM. In MMM after you donated money, you can be rewarded with mavro. It is an index of your tributue to the development of the Community. This index grows 30% a month. It is just a technical issue. Programmers can adjust this growth rate of mavro at any moment. The amount of mavro and its growth rate can be decreased, increased, stopped, cancelled. The amount of mavro and its growth rate can be adjusted at ay moment to balance PH (Providing Help) and GH (Getting Help). That’s why MMM can’t collapse due to weak inflow of donations. If the inflow of donations will decrease, the amount of mavro will be adjusted, but the most important thing is that the process of donation exchange will not stop. It makes MMM stronger than the financial organizations. Financial organizations have obligations, if they do not meet them, they will go bankrupt. MMM is very flexible.

    How does MMM generate 30% to pay participants?

    This is a question that can never stop being asked. I have tried explaining this severally BUT its like “magic” to so many.

    I understand everyone’s fears that’s why I will break it all down further mathematically below.

    Let’s say,

    100 donations came in from 100 participants @2,000naira each = 200,000naira

    In order for the 100 donations to be paid their 30%, that means 60,000naira extra donations must come in.

    The BIG QUESTION is then how?

    Here it is:-
    The 60,000naira would come in through:-

    (1.) Regular GH and re-PH from the 100 donations done by the participants.

    Here is d maths:-
    50 participants GH all their earnings + Principal donation = 130,000naira.

    Total left over PH balance = 70,000naira

    The remaining 50 then needs 60,000naira to get their own 130,000naira paid too.

    The first 50 paid 130,000naira total then re-PH back their 100,000naira (maybe keeping back their total profit of 30,000naira)

    That then adds up to the 70,000naira available to pay the 50 participants left (130,000naira)

     So, the cycle continues on and on for as long as the principle of Regular GH and re-PH remains!!!

    This is just the same Principle Banks work with. That is why it is possible for just a deposit to serve 10 – 20 withdrawals.

    And they pay you little interests for using your money to keep the redistribution process going!
    Contact “” to be a member.

  18. My name is Blossom, I am an ordinary Participant of MMM. On the 25th of September 2016 i provided help of N2,100,000 and on the 4th day of October 2016 i provided help of N1,000,000 and 20th of October 2016 i got help of N3, 834,000 including referal bonus I am so happy
    happy. able to find a good source kind contact Mr john on 08116241254 or email

  19. This is to officially announce to all MMM members around the world that we are currently updating our website for 50% upgrade that will lead to 2017. We are sorry for the inconveniences, Thanks for your understanding.

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