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Having been asked a number of questions about imarkets live by a number of people. This article will answer some of the questions I get asked about imarkets live and also my experience with the company. I understand we can debate all day long but this article will give you an insider perspective so that you make your decisions wisely.I will be honest in my review. I will not write about the products a lot.

What is imarkets live services and business model?

Imrakets live offers forex trading services and education. They offer

  1. Mirror trading, this is a hands free trading optins where the experts will do thier thing and the same hapens in your broker account.
  2. Forex Trading Academy, It took me close to 3 weeks to complete all the videos in the IML academy. There is hours and hours of training. The academy cover from beginners to advanced trading technics. Well having a bit of trading experiance previous to being part of IML. I got to realise that there are many strategies when it come to forex trading. The one I love is price action. One of the most DEADLY mistake that a lot do is to join IML and not go through the academy first.
  3. FXSIGNALS. I remember going through one of the trainings by Chris Terry the CEO of IMarkets live when he was talking about wealthy creation through compounding growth. FX SIGNALS give up to 10% monthly. I will not go further as to how this works. I reaaly need to get to the point here. Is this all worth it after all , lets move on.
  4. IML TV. As a service IML (imarkets live) offers webinars through out the week with expert traders. When I jined IML TV I saw a number of individuals from diferent parts of the world. Discussing and sharing ideas.
  5.  Here are more services offered by Imarkets live -IML FUSION TRDER, SWIPE TRADES, DAILY SWING TRADES, HARMONIC SCANNER.


well I am sure thats about it with regrads to services I know I didnt cover much about the services you can find out more on the marketing website here . I reaaly need to give my opinion hahahaha yes I am getting there wait. Now lets talk about the most confusing part and this is why most people fail its the marketing model which some classify as a SCAM. that is the

NETWORK MARKETING business model

Yes after having been promised to make money from from trading itself. You will eventually find your self wanting to recruit or share the idea with others. I remember after attending my first presentation a friend was so exited about being part of Imarkets live. I said to my self I will give him 3 mpnths to see if he will pull through. eventually its not only him whose motivatin died down , there is many more people. Why I am i saying this anyway? wait. Imarkets live reward its members for inroducing others and if promotion is done properly you can make huge amounts of money. But not everyone is good at recruiting. Just like ERIC WORE sai in one of his books ” you should become a network marketing professional” Its very unfortuante I couldn’t do an interview with one of the top african leader in imarkets live wehn I met the leader in Santon, South africa. Just a qucik comment based on what I picked up. We ll the leader gets over $25 000.00 in commisions from the network marketing side only.For some getting paid $25K it is a dream come true. The leader is motivated, aggressive, strong charactor and I dont they she can easily give up. She have been in the industry close to 10 years , she has lot money in some other buiness ventures and here comes imarkets live to many people it may seem like over night success. Well this is a fact in any kind of next work marketing business it takes time to build. If you join any kind of of network marketing give it 3 years to work on it learn from your mistakes.

Don’t be confused here depending with your goals and skills. In imarkets live there is the trading part and the team building part which will rewards you for sharing the idea with others.


I will answer that with a question. What is your goal? is your goal to be a professional trader ? is your goal to make money from inviting others? I know for most people they dont have defined goals all they want is to make money. This is not how this works. This that focused on making money gave up so fast because it didnt not hapen as they expected.There are so many resources on the internet where you can learn froex trading for free and become an expert at trading without spending a dime. I have seen many people who joined imarkets livewhen they are a complete new person, The first thing they do is to jump on to signals and hamonic scanners to place trades. I can confirm this on of the training by CHRIS TERRY the CEO of Imarkets live even said ” just because its a signal it does not mean its 100% correct”

Consider being part of imarkets live if you are a network marketer (I see that a lot guys there are good at marketing) who love networking and attendng personal develpment live events. Also consider joining imarkets live if you have a basic trading knowledge ( I mean things like what is a broker, what is MT4, how to palce trades, what is forex trading , what are curency pairs and so on) and there are plenty resources online to teach you that. Here is why I suggest that read below


I live in a country where an avaerage monthly salary is is about below $400.00. The monthly fee from IML takes almost half the salary. Now having been promised a lot of profits most people enter with the mentallity saying if i pay joining fee I trade and make profits in the next 30 days. (OPPS HONESTLY IT DOES NOT WORK) I am talking from experiance. Remember Trading is a carreryou need time to set aside to learn and master the skill. I have a friend who joined IML and with the first 30 days she spend most of her time trying to understand how MT4 works, how to deposit money to a broker. Hence the biggest challenge is SPENDING MORE THN you are earning.


I know this can be debetatedand it also depends on your defination of a scam. When you pay for a service then you have echanged money for value. Imarkets offers forex services hence ITS NOT A SCAM. Besides, like I siad before there are many place to learn frorex trading FOR FREE.At the end of the day you have a choice. Imarkets live is a great company with great communities in diferent countries. Attending thier live events and presentations will help you grow business wise. I remember attending a network marketing business presntatin back in 2011 for the first time if only I did not attend that function I wuld bechallenged to make a difernce in my life and in the lives of others.


Forex trading is one of the many ways making money online and  a very good business model that will always be there. It gives great reward for those that are willing to take risks learn from thier mistakes. Yes its simply to make money from forex trading but its NOT EASY. Remember in any business experts get paid amatuers don’t. Focus on being an expert and also an expert was once an amatuer. Accept the fact that you aree just starting out, now and then you will come across losses and so many frastrating experiances. I hope one day you will share with me your trading experiances.

Did I miss anything in my review please comment below

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