Blogging Zero To Hero

How much can one make from blogging, how does one start blogging is there any experience needed and any other questions you may have. I am doing this post to help you understand the process and maybe to get started. Though I teach blogging in-depth to our students inside Internet Pro Club coaching program, I hope this will give you a better understanding.

A friend sends me a message on facebook this day telling me about a blogging platform that pays in bitcoins for the blogs you create. I was then added to their WhatsApp group where they discuss and share blog ideas and tips. In the WhatsApp group I noticed two different types of people, one group seemed to enjoy what they were doing and the other group was confused (it is because of the questions they were asking). As an internet marketer and an online business coach blogging are one of the many ways of making money online. If done properly it can replace your day job and earn passive income without you having to work again. This sounds like a bold claim but after you go through this article you will understand what I mean. Let us get into the real stuff here

What is blogging?

My definition of blogging is information about a certain topic on the world wide web. Basically, a personal website where you add information.

Who can blog?

Anyone can blog. Let me ask you a question do you belong to any of the social media networks? Like facebook, twitter, linked in and so on. In fact, did you know that Twitter is also referred to as a microblogging platform? With the definition of-of what blogging is I am sure by now, you have an idea what it is all about. Anyone can blog, there is no educational qualifications needs to get started with blogging. You are already blogging maybe you just didn’t know it.

How much can one make from blogging?


Even though I find this question not valid, I will try and answer because it is what I get asked most. It’s more like asking if I become a doctor how much can I make. See the answer is it depends on your strategies and how you implement. Blogging is done in many different ways which I will explain later. As to how much you can make, it is from zero $0 to infinity. Yes, you can start blogging and see zero results (of course it’s the way you are doing it). When planning to a blog  you should have a goal in mind and a blog is created to serve certain goals. I will also give you some good examples in the next section of how I myself profit from blogging. Like I said in the beginning if done properly you can even do blogging full time.

How does one generate Income from blogging?

There are so many ways some I will not even mention. Though I own a number of websites I will give you case studies of the ones that are for blogging. Here are just a few

  1. Make money from Google ad sense
  2. Selling advertising space on your blog (take a look at one of my blog websites where I sell advertising space
  3. Promoting affiliate programs- I do product reviews on one of my websites  I get paid for referring clients to different companies. So what I do is I blog about a product or service and when people click to make a purchase I get paid.
  4. Writing blogs you can be hired to write articles for companies – newspapers, magazines and so on.
  5. I have seen many blogs for different purposes here are some of the categories travel, holidays, health, weight loss, internet marketing, online investments, real estate oh the list is endless (You just need to pick an interest and build on that)

What is the best way to get started with blogging?

There many platforms that are available online that one can use without spending a dime.

Step 1 – market research find out what you need to blog about and how you intend to make a profit from it. (PICK AN INTEREST/ NICHE)

Step 2 – Use the free platforms available to get your blog online or simple platforms to use, simply drag and drop. In less than 5 minutes you can have your blog online. Link your blog to your social media accounts so that when you write a blog it is automatically posted to your social media accounts. Check one of my Facebook accounts here

Step 3 – Content is King- Keep updating your blog website with at least 3 articles per week to grow and keep your readers engaged.

Step 4 – Tools, find tools that will help your blog deliver a better service. This is an advanced stage for those who need to take their blogging to another level. You will need things like Search engine optimization, Keyword Research, Paid advertising, Article submission, Backlinks and so on.

Step 5 – Repeat Step 3


Get it going and get it right. I remember when I started blogging I was scared of grammar. I was afraid of not putting up something perfect. You will never start with something perfect. JUST DO IT.

I understand this is not the perfect article to read but I know it gives an idea of what blogging is all about. Didn’t cover many things though here and I know that there a lot to this topic. If you have questions or ideas about this topic I would be happy to read in the comment section below


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