Interview Building lasting online business interview with Stuart I. Naturinda

Creating a lasting online income is one of the things that te majority of aspiring internet entrepreneurs fail to do. Some few years back I attended an event that took place in Zimbabwe. The gentleman that stood in front of 100s of people was Stuart Innocent Naturinda from Uganda. He spoke of creating multiple streams of income. I never had a chance to talk to him then. Fast forward life a few years later, I met him in one of the WhatsApp groups. We had some chats over WhatsApp I asked if I could do an interview about building a lasting income online. You will find the interview in this post. Innocent has been doing online business for the past 10years from the time that I am doing this post.On your left that is a picture of innocent and the founder os Four Corners Alliance Group. Well with that out of the way the interview is below enjoy.

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