Buy & Sell Bitcoins Interview with Azaro

The use of bitcoins is becoming popular to many, though to some it’s still a bit confusing. So how do people profit from bitcoins, How do people use bitcoins and so many questions around the topic of bitcoins. I recently did an interview with a lady who is Kenyan living in Austria, Azaro she buys and sells bitcoins.

The same way you buy and sell goods online is the same concept that she uses. I had never thought of this until this interview. She buys her bitcoins at a low rate and sells high. The website that she spoke about in the interview is local bitcoins this is the site where she sells her bitcoins. If you are new to bitcoins check out the videos I did about bitcoins for beginners CLICK  HERE. The interview below explains in detail how she goes about it.PLEASE NOTE that the interview is not a financial or legal advice just like any other business due diligence is required.

You can also check Azro website Click Here 

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