Is making money online in Africa easy or hard?

This topic can be debated. Does it matter that you live in Africa if you need to make money online? Well, I have been there asked myself that question. 90% of my income comes from my online activities, I live in Africa and in Zimbabwe to be precise. I don’t claim to know it all but I safely say I am a few steps ahead of others. What sort of challenges does one face when they want to make money online and living in Africa?.

My name is Kudakwashe Sape Tshuma. My online hustle started in 2012, I sort of understand some of the burning questions that people who are getting started ask. At some point I thought living in Africa is a bad idea if you need to make money online. One may be asking in order to make money online you should in the developed countries like America, the United Kingdom, and many other developed countries. Like I said earlier this will be just my point of view I will be more than happy to hear your experience and your thoughts on this topic. So lets jump right into it at the end I will give my conclusion.

What is making money online in Africa

Based on the number of questions that come to my email, there are common questions that most people ask. here are some of them “how can I make money online without any investment?” ” How much can I make per month?’ “I am looking for an investment scheme?’ and so much more. Please get me right I live in africa. some of these questions can be asked by anyone in an part of the world I am just focusing on africa. To most people in africa making money online is making money without any investment. That is not true. how do you define without investing. Most people define investment inform of money, I put 10 and I get 20 dollars out. Yes right.

When it comes to making money online there are two main things that you need to consider 1. is money 2 time. Once you make an investment you need to commit time to learn and studying the art of making money online. In 2012 when I started I wanted to make money online without doing anything and the money I focused on being lazy and earn free money i lost even more money.

Lesson number#1 in order to make money online you need to learn the art of making money online. making money online is whereby you build an online business that grow, a business that you can choose to sell when you no longer want to work on it.

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Is africa the Place to be if you need to make money online?

In my view yes, it’s a great place to be for a number of reasons before I explain the reasons. In 2014, I attended a webinar by one of internet marketing experts. He was talking about limiting beliefs. I was a firm believer who believed that making money online you need to be in a better place, a better country and so on. One of the things that mark hoverson shared was something I will never forget and from that day I took that as a lesson. He said “we use the same facebook, same twitter, same google same everything, the only difference is the way we think” If someone would use Facebook to generate income why not me?

Now lets look at the biggest question is africa the best place to be?

yes, it is here is why I say so. If you live in Africa anyone would agree with me that one can live an average life by earning less than $1000.00 per month. Yes, less than $1k a month even about $300.00/month you can survive. My friend who lives in New zealand pays rent weekly and he pays about $950.00 per week for rent where he stays. Let me guess if friend earns less than at least $6000.00/month he is in trouble and if he earns $6k in New zealand most of his money goes to rent.

Now lest compare two people. A person living in africa and a person living in the first world countries. they both want to start an online business. Definitely, these will have different financial goals. If you live in africa and be able to start an online activity that gives you just $500.00 per month you may as well stay at home and not go to work Whereas for my friend the need to at least make more than $6k per month to say this is working. Given these two examples, living in africa comes with a low cost of living. if you set your business well and make $6k per month in africa you will be able to acquire a place to stay (as in buying a house in a short space of time).

LESSON NUMBER#2 it does not matter if you live in africa you can still do well and have peace of mind.

Are there still Opportunities for africa to make money online from?

When I fist got online I was running out of ideas in terms of what I could do to earn from the internet it looked like the market was already saturated. One day on a call with my online business coach he shared with me some nuggets that helped me realize that we have more opportunities in Africa than in developed countries. This is the time I was learning about email marketing. I started email marketing and my results where amazing. My point is there are methods that don’t convert well and that are outdated and when implemented in africa they work wonders. I did a facebook and email marketing campaign for a certain travel company and we increased their subscribers ten times more which in return they got more clients.

LESSON NUMBER#3 What does not work in first world countries will work wonder in africa

Make Money Online In Africa

What stops africa from making money online?

  1. Fear: I used to have fear about making money online, well this is not a common thing in africa and imagine just being yourself with this one idea and you have no people around you who are doing the same.
  2. INTERNET CONNECTION: Most people in africa don’t have access to internet connection. It could be the area does not have internet at all. It could the area has internet and one cannot afford. When I got started I remember I was supposed to spend about $40.00 per month on internet and that amount of money is like a lot especially when you are just starting out and not generating income yet.
  3. FREE THINGS: The idea of wanting free things. One of the things that I must confess is that I didn’t want to pay for anything at the beginning, I didn’t want to pay for a book, training course, webinar, mentorship, software and so on. I always wanted to get it for free. Thank GOD I manage to break out from that belief. to this day I have spent thousands of dollars on training courses, software to automate my online businesses and this has helped me and my business.
  4. NOT READING NOR TAKING TRAINING: If making money online was easy, everyone one would be doing it. As I am writing this post I spent half my day reading a book I turned my phone off, turned social media off and read a great book. I have seen huge change and growth in my personal life and business through training and reading books. Too often people come to me for advise the first thing I do to test their commitment. I ask them to buy a book and read. If they don’t sacrifice to at least buy a book and read then they are not ready to make money online.
  5. SHINE OBJECT SYNDROME: There are different methods to make money online and I used to get confused at some point. whenever I have been presented an opportunity I would jump right into it moving from one thing to another without mastering anything. Jumping from one money making scheme to another. This will burn you over and over again. Start a real online business and grow with it.

LESSON NUMBER#4 Invest in your person development, skills and the money will follow


Lets look at it this way when ever a new technology is started it reaches africa after many years. Thanks to the internet you can learn anything you want. When I see africa I see a continent with a lot of Untapped Opportunities. Those people that will take advantage of technology and the internet now it will be the best of times in the future, those that will ignore the internet will be the worst of times ( sorry If I am harsh here.

Like I said earlier I don’t claim to know it all . If I missed anything on this post please comment your contribution below and if you have any questions please leave a comment as well.


5 thoughts on “Is making money online in Africa easy or hard?”

  1. Thanks a million times. I am also struggling to convince my clients and potential clients that online is the way to go. Most people think that everything that is online is a scam. moreover if they do not have the mental stamina to understand it, that will be worse. I am glad we have people like you who are doing their best in Zimbabwe.

    Lots of love from Mosselbay Bay South Africa. I am a web developer and digital marketer by the way

    1. Hi prince… thanks so much for stopping a message. Yes online has by far better opportunities. Recently I have been finding work through fiverr this has helped me and my team to earn foreign currency while we are in Zimbabwe.

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