Is making money online real?

At the end, you will learn how to create a long lasting income online. I will share with you case studies, do the comparison of get rich quick scheme and real online income. With so many advertisements going on online, one wonders is there a real way of making money online. A few years back I had almost the same questions that you may have now. Questions like, what is the best way to get started with making money online? Will I not lose money? That sounds too good to be true? and so on.

What is making money online?

Well, let’s look at the general definition of what money is? I remember at one of my live training events I asked the definition of money. here are some of the answers I got ” Money is a mode of exchange” ” Money Buys freedom” “Money is power” ” Money is used to buy” and so on. But do all these answers define what money is? I guess everyone has a definition of what money is. 

According to one of the books by Athon Robins, he says “Money is nothing but the measure of value you create for other people” What does this mean? It means money = value. The more value you offer the more money you make. The more problems you solve for other people the more money you make.

But does this define what we are talking about here? making money online ?Well in order to make money online you need to offer a services, product, value to people and in exchange, they will pay you money. At the end of this article, I will give you one of my ebook with 100 online business ideas.

Why other make money online and others don’t?

There are two kinds of people in the internet entrepreneurship. The opportunists and the online entrepreneur. Opportunities are the ones that don’t make money who lack training and are mostly attracted to GET RICH QUICK SCHEMES. See making money online is all about creating a real business that survives for years to come and eventually sell it when you no longer want to work on it. You will find more examples of money making ideas in the ebook that I promised you. Now let us compare what separate the people that are making money online and those that don’t. I have been privileged to learn from a number of successful online entrepreneurs and I realized that they all have similar traits. If one would adopt those traits YES you will make money online.

Oppotunists/ Rockies

  • Not Trained
  • Don’t have mentors
  • Focus on quick results
  • Don’t have a plan
  • Gives up in 2months
  • Hate reading books
  • Loves watching TV
  • Doesn’t belong to uplifting forums
  • Takes advantage of people
  • Does not offer any value
  • Does not solve people problems
  • Does not have success footprints

Online enterprenuer

  • Well Trained
  • Have Mentors
  • Focused on long term results
  • Have long term plans
  • Never gives up, learn from mistakes
  • Loves reading books
  • Spends less time on TV
  • Belongs to forums that bring their BEST
  • Offer value to people
  • Solves people’s problems
  • Leaves success footprints 
  • Creates real online businesses

Is making money online really possible?

YES making money online is possible. The question is how do you want to make money online. Remember like I said earlier there are so many options available. If I could start all over again I would get a mentor to teach me what they know. as I promised earlier on please find the 100 online business ideas by clicking the image below. This will give some ideas on getting started. 

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