Is the Bitcoin ATM Machine at Batanai Gardens in Harare Zimbabwe?

Update December 2020

Having been asked a number of questions about bitcoin ATM in Zimbabwe. After doing a video I posted on my channel.  I am going to share an update with regards to the ATM machine and a little about bitcoin in Zimbabwe.

  1. Is the Bitcoin ATAM machine at Batanai Gardens in Harare Zimbabwe?

No. The machine is no longer at Batanai gardens. I have lost track of where the machine is. There was a time when Golix was banned by the Reserve bank Of Zimbabwe. Read the story here  From this time Golix moved offices and so on. I have not used their website in a long time.

  1. Is Golix Still Existing?

I followed Golix religiously they had a number of projects going on outside Zimbabwe as well. Unfortunately, after the ban hit their operations in Zimbabwe were low. I am not sure of their existence in Zimbabwe anymore. The start-up was by Zimbabweans.

  1. Where to buy and sell bitcoins in Zimbabwe 

As of December 2020. If you have bitcoins that you need to dispose of for USD cash or if you are looking to buy bitcoin in Zimbabwe. The website to do that is cryptogem create an account here  If yu are going to use the website I recommend you transact with Skywalker. He has done most of the trade and has gained trust over time. The last time I checked he had completed over 800 trades. Cryptogem works the same as local bitcoins.

  1. The use of bitcoin in Zimbabwe

There has been a rise in the number of people that use bitcoin in Zimbabwe From the time I did the video. If you are new to bitcoin please go through one of my bitcoin for beginners courses here 


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