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Pay per click
                                                                    Pay per click

The current trends in online marketing is optimized by the presence and rating in Search engines which is why SEO is an important aspect in any online business venture you may set out to do. The only way one gains online presence is by their popularity and acknowledgement by search engines, even while in Zimbabwe, and I will tell you one way of getting more income from the optimization of search engines for your site…

There are times when you need to invest in practices in which you pay once to get returns always. In the context of pay per click (PPC), the process is more like an online auction. There are listings that are set by Search Engines and these are given some ratings which depend greatly on how much a website owner is willing to pay for each click made from that engine.

It is thus an onus on the advertisers to bid amongst themselves so as to receive higher rankings for certain specified key words. The highest bidder for the particular keyword inadvertently receives top rating in the search engines, followed by second and third and so on.

The affiliate marketer can generate more income through the adoption of this arrangement. Get advertisers to get their accounts credited for every click on their bid for listings which in turn would give you reimbursement on advertiser accounts ranging from thirty to eighty percent of the advertiser’s bid amount.









You can always easily collaborate resources for your website with pay per click tools such a s banners, text links and some error pages, thus enabling you to use only a few code lines to integrate the search engine remotely.

The best feature of Pay Per Click is perhaps the aspect of the benefits you get even from those visitors to your site who are not interested in your products or services. These are those online visitors you know may have visited, turned their backs not intending to come back again to your site.

Through Pay Per Click you also gain leverage because you are then renowned as one of the most resourceful sites for visitors. Up your game, it is now time to send your presence to the directories online!

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        1. Wow thanx I’m looking forward to learn as well to make money online.Im ready to participate to this opportunity

    1. Hi Susan, When it comes to make money from home there is no magic you need to learn the skills all the people that you see making money online have skills that they have learnt over time. It takes time to master the skills though. 90 percent of people don’t make money online its because they lack knowledge and skills. ag great place to start is at wealthy affiliate university you can start with free classes and learn the make money online basics

    1. HI Bee boy. The only way to prove something legitmate is to try it . I believe that anything one has ever archived you too can archive. I have a friend who makes not less than $10k in binary trading. my best advise i can give is find a mentor who will teach you how it works. Please oin this facebook group of peopl in zimbabwe who do binary trading. CLICK HERE

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