Marketing Funnels Explained, Live Training

How Do Marketing Funnels Work

Any kind of business be it offline or online must somehow use the marketing funnels strategy because it is one method that can grow/ promote their brand faster. There is going to be a live event where marketing funnels will be explained. I am going to attend the live training.

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How to register for the live training

To register for the live training you can click here   If you come to my article after the training date you may watch the replay video.  This training is on wealthy affiliate I once wrote about one of their training as well here

6 Things to expect from this marketing funnels training


Introduction to marketing funnel
  • I have known what funnels are a while ago. I have seen them being used by a number of online marketing experts. This part of the training will explain the basics. I am sure here you will have what marketing funnels ideas are.
Different types of marketing funnels and different uses –
  • What will be covered here is the various types that are businesses can use to grow their sales.
Does this apply to blog posts as well?
  • If you are familiar with blogging you may wonder if this applies to blog as well. I am sure I will learn a number of things here since I do blogging a lot.
The stages of marketing funnels-
  • Should I call these stages or maybe I should say how to map up to the funnel. This is what will be covered in the training. I am sure everyone would like to know what comes first, second and so on.
Creating a funnel live
  •  Through the training you will discover how to properly set up the funnel.
Q & A session
  • In case there is also something that you didn’t understand you have the chance to ask questions. If your question is about marketing funnels tools, examples and so on


I am sure this training will have a lot of nuggets to take with. I can’t wait to attend. Do you have any experience in online marketing you have a question? I would like to hear your feedback. please leave a comment below


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