MMM Nigeria collapsed so whats next?

Is MMM Nigeria a scam? MMM Nigeria collapsed frozen so what will happen to the money? Are you looking for answers about MMM Nigeria? In this review I will give my honest review about the program I have received a number of calls from fellow Nigerians about how MMM Nigeria functions. Its very unfortunate that there is a huge buzz in Nigeria about the new changes that have taken place. MMM Nigeria was frozen until January 2017. At this point participants will start to play the blame game. As the majority of the community would have not benefited. This post is meant to share my mind about MMM Nigeria.


My name is Kuda, I reside in Zimbabwe. I have been an adim for the largest MMM facebook group in Zimbbawe. I am an internet marketer who has helped a number of people change the way they look on the internet. I have been able to create a number of online businesses as well.


I will be honest in my post , first of all I will cover the swot analysis about MMM nigerai and other countries. I will share the good and the bad about MMM. This will help you get in the same page as me and I will share my final thought about MMM.

with that out of the way I let me get into the meat of the issue

MMM Strengths

1. MMM grows on a very rapid scale when it is launched in any country. It uses the most used currency of a that country this makes the news spread fast.

2. If you have ever attended the guiders course then you will understand what I will say here. The guiders course is very informative. Individuals get to do online webinars for the first time and some use skype for the first time. Being a guider will make one go full-out to bring more member to the community.

3. Social media viral concept. MMM has a great marketing technic of using social media to spread the MMM gospel. This is one of its strength.


  1.  MMM provides a new way of looking at the internet. Imaging those who had to learn how to use bitcoins for the first time.
  2. Networking , MMM provides a great networking opportunity among its members I have seen a number of social media communicates like whatsapp, skype, telegram group. Some even fell in love through MMM hahahaha.

Enough of the 2 positive outcomes from MMM . Lets look at the negative side of things

MMM Threats

  1. Though MMM is very clear about how they operate there is fine text on the website that almost every member ignores it is using spare money. In many people libraries the word spare money does not exist. It is advised to use spare money , but who lea really has spare money. Losing a $1 or a few Nairas just like that doesn’t feel good.Many people sign up for MMM without full understanding how it works. hence this is a threat when thing go upside down.
  2. Media and Panic. Almost no one has joined MMM without being skeptical at first. Its normal to be skeptical I have seen many conversations of people  who are skeptical. When one is skeptical they are said to be negative hahahaha. Any malfunction of the website and support causes panic. Which in most cases will make the community freeze or collapse. This is when media comes in place. There is a saying that goes success leaves clues. In the event of panic there is nothing that comes out of media besides  tracing down how MMM has performed in other countries.


  1. Support I have seen many complains about MMM support. You know support is as good as a business. If support does not respond quickly then it affect business. Though the business model of MMM is a donation exchange program. I believe the majority of the MMM comunity is not happy with support.

    Will MMM Nigeria participants get their money?

    This is the most burning questions for most Nigerians now. I will be honest enough when such things happen it could be the end of the game. Here is why I say that. Remember MMM is a member to member money movement this means the only way you will receive money is when another participant provides help which in this case not possible because every member is trying to receive money. Let not beat around the bush, at one point MMM will reach a point where it will eventually stop. just like any other business nothing lasts forever. Money comes from new members period if there are no new members where would the money come from?


    MMM Nigeria collapsed so whats next?

    Though MMM website will not be taken down in most cases. It is at this time that most MMM participants will be in pain. I mean the people who have money in the system.  MMM support will remain and answer people questions. Depending on what happened to MM in your country several measures will be taken. Restart Mode Pause mode. Pause mode is when MM support take measures to freeze accounts, restart is when MMM support restarts evrything.

    MY CONCLUSION  about MMM NIgeria

See I have been online for years now. I have seen many changes when it comes to online investments or opportunities. What happens to MMM comes to me with no surprise. Though many are victims at this point.


Yes there infarct there are thousands of ways of making money online.

Here is my favorite Chinese proverb

To know the road ahead, ask those coming back“. .
In other words, the quickest path to success isn’t always doing things your own way and it definitely is not efficient to try to “predict” what the road is ahead. Instead, ask people that have been there, done that.

You have to have access to mentors, you have access to people that have taken the road, have hit the road bumps, and that are willing to offer you insight into the road ahead. .
This will ultimately make YOUR life much easier. It will speed up your process to success. .

But only if you are willing to listen. Only if you subtly take notes of what others are saying, because people tend to talk about their journey and will give you insights of the path they took to get there, without you even asking. .

This means training. This means discussions. This means live chat discussions. .
Each and every person can travel the windy road to success, but you can definitely straighten it out and remove a lot of the bumps in the road by “asking those coming back“. There are many of those folks out there.

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Did I miss anything about MMM Nigeria ? please leave a comment below


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