Is it real that one can earn full-time income from internet? How does one replace his or her current job and earn a full time income online? When I started looking for way to earn a while ago . I was just a newbie to internet marketing. In this post to I will share the main challenges that I faced as a newbie and how I have manged to overcome them. This day I happy for the decision i made I now earn full-time income online thanks to the internet. I work from anywhere as long there is internet connection.

I will share with you 3 main factors that will sky rocket your income online. I understand some day you may want to fire your BOSS. The 3 key points I will discuss about is Cash, Credibility & Clients. Once you have these 3 things in place you will attract money and I will share how I got to have that in place.


When I started as a newbie I always had a dream to earn online.One day I was writing down my goals of how much I need to earn. I joined a number of online programs. Instead of me making money I ended up losing money. My salary at work was not enough to look after my self and my family. I was working on a very tight budget, it was so disappointing to become part of a program and in no time the program vanishes. I have spend years trying to figure out ways to make money online. Well I couldn’t balance losing money online and my family. When u are a newbie cash won’t be enough that’s why one needs to work their way up before they just quit their job.


Upon realizing the the loses I have been making in online schemes. I then shifted my mind from investing in programs but invest in education and mentor-ship. I enrolled my self mentors and online educational programs that  educated me the real ways of making money online. It took me close to a year to complete all the education and to understand what I wanted to achieve. Instead of spending money or investing in online programs I actually invested in education.

After investing in mentor-ship and education, I had to realize that all the people that claim to make money online have many things that runs in the background. Things like they have large email data base, they have a website , they have a following and so on. As a newbie this made me realize the need to have online presents. Imagine as your are reading my post right now I could be aslip, playing with my kids… I have just written my mind here so that world can read.

1. I had to learn how to create website including the one you are on now kudaonline ( CLICK HERE for free videos on how to create your own website) If you have good budget you can hire someone to do it for you.

2. Creating traffic from social media Youtube and are my favourate. I created a huge following using the two platforms.

3. Started doing program reviews on my website and other forums

and so on

All these activities led me to built CREDIBILITY


When you starting out as a newbie no one knows about you. No one trusts you and its ok. There were many times when I would try to put my idea across to a number of people with no success. I did videos, reviews, social media sharing mentor-ship and training I was going through.This helped me to built credibility with a number of people in my country and beyond. This is how I overcame one of the biggest challenge that most newbies face when it comes to earning online. Remember people buy from people that they like , know and Trust.

These activities led me to have CLIENTS


In order to make money you need to have people buying from you. As newbie, how do you get people buying from you? Mentor-ship helped me establish my self as an internet entrepreneur expert through blogging and social media. This allowed me to overcome the clients challenge. I am just monetizing my list/following over and over again.

I hope this post was helpful.


It was one of the tough thing to do, getting on with a niche. I had to write down 100 ideas on how i can make money online. without knowing it I found myself doing just 2 of the the things i had written down.


There are thousands of ways to make money online. Making money online is no different from our offline jobs.when I person ask what can I do to make money online. Its more like asking what kind of a job can I do. There millions of jobs out there what matters most is what you know. Learn before you earn.

Now I have been able to quit my day job. I am in the information marketing niche. I find people with talent from different parts of the world. With their help I do video training series and e-books to guide people on how they make money. I add the videos and e-books to a paid membership website that i create using word-press.

A good example is there is a lady that makes money by outsourcing her skills on . I asked her all the steps that she does on up work to make money. Thats the information I sell. Then we split profits. I have been able to establish different membership websites on different topics.

Did I leave anything ? please comment below

looking forward to hearing your success story.

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