Online forex trading platforms that Zimbabwe can use

Online trading brokers in Zimbabwe

If you need to know the online forex trading brokers (platforms) used in Zimbabwe. This article I will share some online forex trading brokers I have used. I don’t promise to know them all but I will share the ones that I have used myself and that I have experience with. Lets get into it.

1.  is one of the broker that is commonly used by many forex traders in Zimbabwe. I also use this broker for trading currency pairs.

Tools and features of

With you can use it to trade binaries and forex as well. Most traders who are using use it to trade binaries mostly. The website comes with many tools and features I have not even finished exploring some of them. MT5 web platform, currency chats, one click trades and so much more.


Volatility indices on

Once you master thee art of forex trading. Many prefer forex traders in Zimbabwe prefer to trade volatility indices. This means trading is open 24/7. even during weekends. offers that.

2. Hotforex broker can be used in Zimbabwe

Hotforex is another popular website that can also work to trade forex in Zimbabwe. I have used this broker from depositing and withdrawing the profits.

>>Click here to visit hotforex website <<

Tools and features on hotforex

Hotforex comes with  one thing that I love with in introduction to forex trading training which is free to access. Once you create an account on their website they have great training that anyone can you to start their forex trading career.  Hotforex is a forex broker meaning you can only trade from monday to friday when markets are open.  I you are going to be focused on forex trading then this is one broker you may consider using if you live in Zimbabwe.

3. IqOptions is another popular broker that is used in Zimbabwe.  I have used this on withdrawals and making deposits with ease. Many of my friends who trade forex also use iq options. This comes with many features some of them I don’t even use them. Depending with your goals in forex trading I am sure you will be able to define with part of the website you will be using mostly.


Other online forex brokers that can be used in Zimbabwe

I have seen many people using different brokers. I guess is varies with which one you are familiar with. Another contributing factors are the payment methods that are used with these brokers. Most people use bitcoin or skrill to make withdraw from brokers  while in Zimbabwe. You can read my other article about skrill here . Personally I prefer using bitcoins 

Forex trading Zimbabwe training

If you are new to forex trading in Zimbabwe. I recommend you start by taking the learning curve forex comes with  great rewards and also high risk. There are a lot of places to learn forex trading free and paid platforms.



There is a lot to cover under the topic of forex trading in Zimbabwe.  There are a lot of people who are doing online forex trading. The above brokers have proven to work well  In Zimbabwe without any issues. I may not have covered all the brokers that people use, If you have experience in forex trading please share the broker that you are using in Zimbabwe and why d you prefer that one. Maybe you have a question for me please leave a comment.

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