Use Your Website To Engage Your Audience

We can all agree that the ultimate goal with content creation is: to Engage!

It is crucial that you have as many traffic avenues as is technologically possible. Use other platforms to communicate, share and engage your audience and this will help broaden your reach. The key thing is to diversify. If you already have a social following with people who like the content you put out and are constantly on the lookout for it is a given that you are going to get more traffic and in some cases, more than you had expected to have.

At this stage it is important that you have a plugin on your website that will assist you with social engagement as well as amplifying your brand.  A good social plugin will help you with the major aspects of social engagement, it should allow your audience to share any of the content on your website on their various social media platforms. If your content is of great quality, this is a sure way of increasing traffic to your website.


Website Comments

On every blog post that you publish it is vital that you activate the comments section. Engaging with your audience in the comments section is perfect for branding as well as future interaction. Develop a system that allows you to respond to comments in 24 hours or sooner. This allows for you to converse more with your audience and will ensure that more people engage with you.


Another way of utilising the comments section on your website is by asking your audience to ask you questions. After reading your posts, people’s brains are stimulated and they often have questions or additional contributions so its important that you encourage them to communicate and interact with on your website.


Interacting with your audience will also help you increase your Google Ranking. It reflects that there is social value that your content has and this works in your favor. Google can detect on whether the comments are spam or real. If your comments section has real substance and is more thorough then Google will work in your favor.

Social Media Shares

Earlier we discussed the importance of using as many channels as is possible to reach your audience. Upon completing and publishing of every blog post, develop a culture of sharing your content on every social media site. There are various plugins you can install on your website that can help you share your content with no hassles.  When sharing on social sites, leave room for dialogue and again ask your audience to interact with you so as to increase your brand visibility and ensure that you stand out.

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